Latest Update: 07/10/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- All-new exterior and cockpit PBRs for P3D v4/v5

- When selecting REMOTE, the aircraft does not follow a flight plan in the GPS - fixed

- Aircraft does not capture the glideslope with GP selected - fixed

- Beam compass logic fixed

- Cockpit lighting fixed for FSX


- Engine start issues fixed

- Fuel pressure magnetic indicators fixed

- XH558 model configuration fixed


- Engine smoke now enabled by default

- Airbrake logic fixed

- Autopilot accuracy improved

- Guarded switches can no longer be moved with covers down

- 2D panel controls (ACP/AAPP) now use LVARs to allow for cockpit builder integration


- Fractional part of the ADF frequency can now be changed using the I/C knob

- Beam compass card can now be rotated by middle-clicking on the setting knob

- Livery texture fixes

- Bomb bay tanks logic and 2D gauge fixed

- Wiper logic fixed

- Panel state logic fixes


- Manual updated to reflect changes since release

- Livery textures mismatch - fixed

- External model options not initialising correctly when product installed outside of Prepar3D directory - fixed

- External model shadow issue when viewed from cockpit - fixed

- All eight elevon surfaces are now independently animated

- PFC failures now affect control sensitivity

- Alternator failure lamp logic fixed

- Un-commanded brake parachute door opening above 170 KIAS - fixed

- Radio altimeter OFF flag logic fixed

- Fuel system logic fixes


- External model options not initialising correctly in FSX - fixed

- Custom-coded hydraulic system functionality implemented, including the electrically-operated hydraulic power pack unit (EHPP)

- Reflectivity of paint schemes adjusted to better match real aircraft

- Brake chute deployment logic and animation improved

- Airbrake logic improved


- Landing light lamps only illuminated at night - fixed

- More functionality added to custom-coded electrical system e.g. AAPP, RAT and busbars (middle-mouse button to open/close switch guards)

- Landing lamp blowback logic - fixed (lamp switches must now be set to RETRACT and then selected back to TAXY or LAND)

- Pitot heat magnetic indicator logic - fixed

- Engine covers visible during engine start - fixed

- Pitch and bank hold added to autopilot

- IAS/ALT autopilot switch can now be pulled out to engage associated mode using the middle-mouse button (must be pushed back in to rotate between positions)

- Autopilot trim indicator and annunciators - fixed

- Tail clearance lights now illuminate at same time

- Radio altimeter lights illuminated when outside possible range - fixed

- Tutorial flight files added

- XH558 tail texture fixed

- Blind/visor animations - improved click-spot logic for easier use

- AUTO/MANUAL temperature control switch - fixed

- Second pilot model added to cockpit

- White blade aerials added to nose of MRR variant

- NAV1 frequency not selectable unless COM1 preset selector is set to M (manual) - fixed

- WE177 bomb rack added

- Airbrakes can now be controlled using the flap control assignments to allow for incremental changes in/out

- The external model options are now configured by values in the texture.cfg file for each specific livery, allowing you to configure repaints appropriately. A value of '1' will enable the corresponding option. (Note: K2/MRR options are only available if you have the expansion pack installed.)


hasProbe=1 // In-flight refuelling probe fitted?

has201=1 // Olympus 201 engines fitted?

hasTFR=0 // TFR dome fitted to nose?

hasModernAerials=0 // Modern aerials fitted?

hasFinECM=1 // ECM fitted to tail?

isK2=0 // Is a K2 variant?

isMRR=1 // Is an MRR variant?


- New custom sounds added (bomb doors, air brakes and entrance door)

- Non-functional click spots on some controls (FSX only) - fixed

- Autopilot ALT/IAS clickspot - fixed

- XH558 ATC_ID incorrect - fixed

- Bomb doors can now be operated using the 'Water rudder (up/down)' control assignment

- Bomb door animation speed increased to better match real aircraft

- Cabin temperature control (right console) can now be used for manual selection of temperature. Mouse wheel up/down is used to toggle the switch between AUTO and MANUAL, and left/right click is used to move the switch between the COLD and HOT position.

- GPS mode can now be selected by rotating the navigation selector (centre instrument panel) to the REMOTE position. Any other position selects NAV mode.

- Cockpit lighting can now be selected on at any time of day using either of the white flood light switches

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