Latest Update: 2023/12/08

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Automatic AEO option added to EFB aircraft page - when enabled, the virtual AEO will automatically handle the electrical systems throughout the flight, from cold & dark, takeoff, climb to descent, after landing and shutdown. It will always default to being disabled.

- Dynamic speeds card added to cockpit, showing rotation, climb, pattern, approach and threshold speeds that are based on the current aircraft weight.

- Numerous sound set fixes, improvements and new features:

  • Added payload jettison sound effects
  • Added pilot and tanker callouts (takeoff, climb, approach, landing and airtoair refuelling)
  • Added sound effects to GPS unit
  • Added ASI UC flag sound effects
  • Added aerodynamic air brake whistle (exterior, high drag only)
  • Added refuelling probe nitrogen purge sound effect
  • Added volume difference to air brake in medium and high drag modes
  • Fixed stall shake effects triggering on ground
  • Fixed missing sound effects for refuelling operations
  • Fixed missing sound effects for parachute operations
  • Fixed missing sound effects for air brake operations (only audible without engines running)
  • Improved headphone simulation
  • Updated distant engine sounds at medium and high power
  • Updated audio for airbrake switch
  • Lots of minor tweaks

- Reset RAT, emergency gear release and rapid start air recharge options added to EFB to allow for resetting without having to restart the flight.

- Multiple exterior LODs added to improve performance, especially with multiplayer

- Autopilot menu added to EFB aircraft page for quick selection of autopilot modes

- AEO and navigator views changed from showcase to cockpit camera type to resolve issues with LOCK interaction mode and VR/head trackers

- Numerous LOCK interaction compatibility and controller usability fixes

- Automatic brake parachute jettison EFB option logic changed so that the brake parachute is now automatically deployed and then jettisoned, rather than just jettisoned. For automatic deployment to occur, the aircraft must be on the ground, airspeed below 140 KIAS and pitch at or below 5 degrees.

- Animation of undercarriage warning flag on ASI adjusted to better match real aircraft

- Minor livery fixes

- Airbrake animation logic and speed adjusted to better match real aircraft

- GPU (Houchin) lights no longer flash, like the real unit

- XH558 VTTS variant missing AI/multiplayer sounds - fixed

- Beam compass heading and track can now be adjusted using the MSFS control assignments

- Autopilot dive/climb pitch selector now animates when using the MSFS control assignments

- Radio altimeter limit light colour and logic adjusted to better match real aircraft

- Camera click spots only working with the EFB tablet enabled/visible - fixed

- Director horizon pitch scale slow adjustment rate - fixed

- COM radio volume no longer defaults to 0% when C&D state is selected

- Autopilot ALT/IAS and A/L PRIME knob animations - fixed

- Tail clearance light logic adjusted to better match real aircraft - first light illuminates to warn of imminent tail strike, second light illuminates to indicate a strike has occurred.

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