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Product Changelog

Traffic Global (XP11/XP12) Changelog
Latest Update: 2024/03/05 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v1.1.0199 This release contains bugfixes and new features f...
Tue, 5 Mar, 2024 at 2:16 PM


To download the manual, please click on the download link below.
Installation Guide (Windows)
Double-click the downloaded exe file and follow the on-screen instructions Open X-Plane 11 and start a flight and you should be prompted for to enter your...
Installtion Guide (MAC)
Double-click the downloaded zip file or use a zip file utility Open the "Aircraft" folder and drag the "Traffic Global" folder to X-Pl...
How complicated is the product to set up?
It comes with an automated installer. Once installed, you will be able to launch X-Plane 11 and immediately see the AI traffic. 
How will this impact performance (FPS)?
This will obviously vary depending on your hardware and settings but with AI traffic set to 100% at Heathrow, we are only seeing a 1 FPS drop on a PC with a...
Can I adjust the density of AI traffic?
Yes, there is a simple density percentage slider.
Is it compatible with Mac?
Traffic Global is currently Windows compatible and a Mac-compatible version is due for release in the near future. We currently have no plans to release a L...
Will you be adding GA and/or military traffic?
This is something that we would like to include in a future update or expansion pack to the core program.
What is the delay between launching X-Plane 11 and Traffic Global compiling all the traffic data it needs?
There is no delay.
What about if I change the flight time or the location of my aircraft?
The local traffic is automatically updated after any significant changes in location. This will not pause the simulator and is fully automatic. New AI aircr...
Are there controls for customising the AI traffic?
Yes. For example, you can disable specific airlines and prevent traffic from appearing at specific airports. These changes can be made without having to res...
How will I interact with the new systems in X-Plane 11?
There are a number of new keyboard commands added to X-Plane. These can be customised in exactly the same way as any other X-Plane command.
How realistic are the AI aircraft sounds?
Traffic Global comes with its own custom sound set featuring authentic aircraft sounds to add to the immersive experience.
Does Traffic Global support networking across multiple computers?
Will the X-Plane ATC be aware of the AI traffic? Are there plans to provide compatibility with ATC add-ons (e.g. Pilot2ATC and 124thatc)?
X-Plane’s internal AI should be disabled when using Traffic Global because there is no way to inform X-Plane of any external traffic. However, the well-know...
Will I be able to monitor the AI traffic?
We have created custom radar and flight board windows, both of which can be undocked from X-Plane’s main window. There are also a number of external views, ...
Does Traffic Global require the installation of multiple plug-ins?
No. There is only be one essential plug-in added to X-Plane 11.
What about airports with inadequate or missing data?
Traffic Global can only work with the data that is available. It is aware of improved data as it becomes available, so if a more accurate airport is install...
How do I turn off the red AI labels?
By default, the information overlay labels (red text labels) can be cycled through three options, "All Aircraft", "Only flying aircraft"...
Product won't activate and I can't tell if I made a typo.
We have released an updated version of the plugin that removes the need for the masked entry fields. If you already have Traffic Global installed and don...
Traffic Global can't find the root folder for X-Plane on my machine and I can't install it?
You should be able to browse to the X-Plane 11 folder and tell Traffic Global to install there, even if it thinks it is elsewhere. However, this does mean y...