Latest Update: 17/03/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Service Pack 2

- ActivFireman logic fixed and improved to stop the hammer drill sound from occurring when the injectors are in use

- Fixed lubricator windup ratchet sound being stuck on a permanent loop

- Fixed the snifter valves, which were spluttering open and closed

- Fixed the AWS sunflower animation

Service Pack 1

- Added class 5 power classification to the cab sides.

- Fixed the interior cab view so that the original cab doors correctly display when coupled to a BR1 tender.

- Added controls for the left and right smokebox discs on Southern Region versions (Ctrl + 4 for the left hand disc, Ctrl + 9 for the right hand disc).

- Corrected directionality for sander valve, so that it is now left for forwards, and right for reverse.

- Corrected the miss-assignment of the two injector spindle controls, so that the top valve is the exhaust injector steam valve and the bottom valve is the live injector steam valve. The water valves are unchanged.

- Fixed the floating cab roof slat handles.

- Fixed a problem where the exhaust particles were disabled when entering the cab view.

- Fixed the drawbar coupling position for the BR1C Black Clean and BR1C Black Clean Late tender variants.

- Fixed the positioning of various nodes when the low-poly medium-far distance LODs appear.

- Fixed a problem where the smokebox ash would continue to be emitted from the smokebox even after the smokebox ash was completely removed.

- Changed the vacuum reservoir value to 21 inches Hg on the simple versions, instead of 0 inches Hg.

- Fixed a problem whereby the handbrake would spring back to the off position if applied using the mouse.

- Fixed the top smokebox lamp iron for Western Region 5MT’s.

- Removed the possibility of a fatal blowback occurring when using the ActivFireman.

- Fix applied to the Cornwall Bound Pt.1 scenario.


- Complete overhaul and rebalancing of the sound set, so that loud sounds such as chuffs and whistles are particularly loud, whereas quieter sounds such as cab control movements are much quieter. This gives a greater impression of the locomotive working hard.


- Fire glow now flashes in time with the chuffs, and gets brighter the harder the loco is worked.


- Smokey exhaust particles now emit a more grey/brown colour immediately out of the chimney, instead of dark grey/black.


- Locomotive simulation and performance – the power of the locomotives at speed has been significantly reduced to more realistic levels, whilst the fire and steam generation is more sensitive to temperature changes. This means that the loco needs to work much harder to get up to speed, requiring higher cut-offs than before to overcome steep gradients and accelerate heavy trains towards 70mph.


- Fire mass representation in the 3D firebox has been simplified, and the movement of the firemass has been made to be more noticeable, to make using the 3D firebox a better and more useful gauge for non-HUD driving and firing.


- Exhaust particle emission has been improved, so that the exhaust no longer sporadically cuts out once a certain number of particles have been emitted, which was particularly noticeable at speed.


- Injector operation significantly improved, read on for details:



The steam valve controls have changed from pressing [I]/[O] to toggle the exhaust/live steam injectors respectively on or off. The controls now are [I] to increase the exhaust steam valve and [Shift]+[I] to reduce it, and [O] to increase the live steam valve and [Shift]+[O] to reduce that. 


Operation is largely the same as before, except now you only open the steam valves until the injector sound (thunk-tick-tick-tick-tick-siiiiiing) starts. If you open them too little, the injector won't pick up, but you'll hear a quiet hiss go up in pitch. If you open them too far for the water valve setting, then there is too much steam and it will blow back with an almighty roar. 


Continuous blowback will lead to injector overheating and eventually failure, as before. If the boiler pressure changes significantly during the use of the injectors, you will need to readjust the steam valve from its current position to a new position until it picks up again - generally, if boiler pressure has increased, reduce the steam valve position, else if boiler pressure has significantly decreased then increase the steam valve position. More specifically for the exhaust injector - if the injector is in exhaust mode (steam chest is more than one third of boiler pressure) then the steam valve is controlling the delivery of exhaust steam from the cylinders, not boiler pressure. A sudden change in the exhaust pressure due to quick changes in regulator position may mean that the exhaust steam valve needs to be readjusted. 


However, the exhaust injector pickup thresholds are much more lenient than the live injector, which is more picky about the steam valve being in a certain position for a given boiler pressure and water valve setting. The water valve controls are unchanged from before the service pack. ActivFireman has also been upgraded to be able to operate the upgraded injectors correctly and efficiently.



- Water scoop functionality, compatible with the water troughs on Dovetail Games’ Riviera in the Fifties route. Details for operating the water scoops are as follows:


Press Ctrl + T to lower or raise the water scoop, or use the water scoop handle on the tender behind the driver’s seat by dragging it with the mouse – right to lower, left to raise. If the scoop is lowered over a trough, the tank will replenish until it reaches the max capacity of the tender. If the scoop is still down at the end of the trough then it will collide with the trough and cause a large splash from under the tender, and break. Lowering the scoop when no trough is present will also break it. If the scoop is broken, the tank has been damaged and will leak slowly until it is empty - in which case you will need to stop at a water tower and top up frequently.

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