Latest Update: 11/06/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- LED und LCD destination boards added to the selection within the installer

- Added a remove option to the installer

  (Deinstallation via the system control panel not is needed anymore.)


- Fixed drivers seat height adjustment

- Improved texture for aggregates on the roof

- Destination board preselection for scenario creation works on ETW4 too now


- Changes within the 3D model (LZB antennas, roof parts, gap within wagon transitions in pass view)

- Changes within some textures

- MFA PZB/LZB lamps now better readable (brightness)

- Fixes to the door control system (changing ends now possible without errors and when doors are open)

- Possibility to change the doors close delay after deselection of door side when in manual mode

  (10-60 seconds, standard 30 seconds, <Shift+->) (please take a look into the manual section 6.1)

- PZB button audio fixed

- LZB and PZB Vmax can now being overwritten via the editor number flyout

  (max 160kp/h) (please take a look into the manual section 8)

- Fast braking loop function and related displays improved

  (red borders and text "Schnellbremskraft" within the MTD, PZB1000 lamp is blinking, cylinder pressure)

- Improved the display of power consumption and added the percentage display to the MTD

- Added minus sign for brake effort kN-display within the MTD

- Fixed the behavior of the error texts for MCB, panto and hand brake within the MTD

- ZZA preselected destination for scenario creators improved (now works within the whole train and with AI)

- Not raised pantographs after scenario resume fixed

- Changes within some audio files (mainly noise reduction)

- Some minor improvements to the tractive- and brake-effort regulation system

- "Drifting" when stopped removed

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