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Traffic Global (FSX/P3D) Changelog
Latest Update: 2022/02/08 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v1.1.2.4 - Airport selection logic updated - Airport Exclu...
Tue, 8 Feb, 2022 at 11:31 AM


Paint Kit
To download the paint kit, please click on the download link below. 502MB
Why Are There Lots Of Compiling Errors Appearing In The Compiling Logs
Messages from the compiler are very common and should not be treated as errors with the Traffic Global program. Many default airports in FSX/Prepar3D do not...
I Am Seeing Some Black/Untextured Aircraft At Various Airports
At this time, a handful of aircraft liveries are currently still being worked on and will be added to the software shortly. Additionally, AI aircraft are am...
When I Load An Airport I Do Not See Any Traffic Taxiing Around Me.
When the simulator loads the AI aircraft, even if an aircraft is due to depart in 1 minute from the time the flight loads, all aircraft need to run through ...
How To Configure SuperTrafficBoard Add-On For Traffic Global
Super Traffic Board (STB) is an airport style arrival/departures display that not only lists your flights but enables you to interact with them in many ways...
Possibility Of Adding/Editing Airport ICAO's
You can do this already be either using the editor, or probably the faster way, open the schedules in the Schedules folder and do a Find and Replace on FAJS ...
Traffic Global (FSX/P3D) Manual
To download the manual, please click on the download link below.