Latest Update: 2022/06/27

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Adjusted ground pitch attitude to be more nose-up and realistic

- Added Save/Load buttons to Weight And Balance popup.  Click Save to save the current weights/fuel configuration to disk.  When the plane is next opened it loads with default values, but click Load Configuration to load the weights you previously saved.

- Improved behaviour of popup menus in VR.

v1.8 - 2020/09/10

- Updated .acf file to X-Plane 11.50 standard

- Adjusted flight dynamics for X-Plane 11.50's new flight model

- Fixed oil temperature being too high

- Decreased wheel rolling coefficient of friction

- Updates to skunkcrafts ignorelist file

- Updates to manifest.json file

- G1000 pop-ups can now be used with no bezel


- Added PSD Paint Kit (in the “DOCUMENTATION” folder). Requires 7zip to unzip.
- Updated manual to include info on Librain.

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