Latest Update: 2022/06/27

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Adjusted ground pitch attitude to be more nose-up and realistic

- Added Save/Load buttons to Weight And Balance popup.  Click Save to save the current weights/fuel configuration to disk.  When the plane is next opened it loads with default values, but click Load Configuration to load the weights you previously saved.

- Added start-up self-test to STEC 55 autopilot.

- Improved behaviour of popup menus in VR.

v1.8 - 2020/09/10

- Adjustments to flight dynamics for X-Plane 11.50's flight model

- Reduced wheel rolling coefficient of friction

- GTN 750 transponder code is no longer overwritten every frame.

- Updates to skunkcrafts ignorelist file

- Multiple updates to the manifest.json file


- Updated Plugin logic to SASL 3.8
- Adapted flight dynamics to comply with 11.40 updates.
- Added SkunkCrafts Updater support.
- Fixed rain effects
- Made sun visors transparent
- Added night lighting textures
- Fixed VOR1 instrument
- Fixed autopilot screen
- Changed cockpit texture to 4k for future tests


- Improved performance (FPS)

- Added new custom cockpit sounds (window, heating controls, HSI slaving switches, carb heat lever)

- Implemented circuit breaker logic

- Revised checklists

- Improved Librain plugin effects

- Updated manual to provide instructions for installing Librain plugin

- Wheel chocks can now be removed in VR mode for greater realism

- Added headphone jack and fade-in effects (click on PHONE socket on left main panel)


- Added VR magnet attach point for XPad

- Made spark plug fouling rate and Vapour lock configurable via manifest.json file.

- Hide Yoke system now responds to X-Plane's default command

- Optimised performance.

- Fixed case sensitivity issue for Linux

- Removed default wing condensation effects. (They're excessive by default).

- Support for rain effects (requires free 3rd party "librain" plugin)

- Improved VR support (VR pop-up support, cleaned up yoke, more supported knobs, etc.)

- Improved sounds and sound effects

- Upgraded to SASL 3.5.1, which now includes pop-out window support

- Compatibility with the latest RealityXP GTN 750 features

- Improved flight dynamics for XP11.30

- Separated out checklist into ‘manifest.json’ file, so it's now end-user editable

- Moved cockpit.obj file into ‘objects’ folder, for neater top directory

- Numerous optimisations and improvements

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