Latest Update: 29/10/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- FDE improvements

- Button and knob clickspot logic fixed

- Landing lights now illuminate ground on approach

- PH-AED cowling texture fixed

- Other minor livery fixes

- Exterior model materials improved

- Cockpit night lighting fixes


- Baggage door click spot controlling fuel selector - fixed

- GNC 255 electrical power logic - fixed

- Invalid transponder code can be set on TT31 - fixed

- Pilot animations - fixed

- Panel light knob animation - fixed

- Panel lighting illuminating areas that don't have associated pillar lights - fixed

- Texture issue on Strikefinder stormscope button – fixed


- Fuel selector click-spot not working in FSX - fixed

- Air-conditioning switch sounds added

- Interior door latch click-spots added

- Cockpit night lighting improved

- Minor texture fixes and improvements (including reduced reflectivity of cockpit surfaces)

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