Latest Update: 28/07/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


Prepar3D V4 compatibility added


CFG files moved from panel folder to /AppData/JustFlight folder to address issues caused by Windows UAC


A 'Cockpit Texture Switcher' tool has been added to the Start Menu, allowing you to switch between 'Standard' (existing) and 'Clean' (less worn/torn) virtual cockpit textures.
Note: The tool should not be used whilst the aircraft is loaded in Flight Simulator X/Prepar3D.

Numerous improvements to FDE
RPM sound issue fixed
Improved compatibility with hardware (e.g. Saitek controls)
Oil pressure now drops when prop lever is used (a result of increased demand on oil system)
Increased RPM drop when carrying out magneto checks

ADF gauge logic fixed
'Refill Menu' option added to menu bar
FDE improvements
Sound-set improvements
VOR indicators still functioning when NAV radios are switched off - fixed
Manual PDF updated to reflect software changes since release

- Flight1 GNS integration added
- Added switcher tool to enable GNS/GTN integration
- Interactive engine start checklist added
FSUIPC auto-saves trigger panel state save - fixed
Option to disable 2D panel selector arrow added to PA-28 menu
“GPS changed. Updating HSI source…” message keeps appearing – fixed
Battery voltage low/oil quantity low message will now appear onscreen to warn of potential failures
Changes to engine start logic
Changes to fuel selector logic
Flaps not moving with electrical power off – fixed
Battery discharge and oil usage now occur only when engine management is enabled
Door now only closes fully when both latches are closed
Slight delay in electrical power availability after battery/alternator switched on, for added realism

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