Just Flight - Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer (FSX/P3D)

Product Changelog

Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer (FSX/P3D) Changelog
Latest Update: 25/09/2017   The below log shows all updates for this product since release: Hotfix 201 - Fixed crash to desktop issue when swapping ai...
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Paint Kit
To download the paint kit, please click on the download link below.   174MB
Steering The Hawk/The Nose-wheel On The Hawk Doesn't Turn
The real Hawk is steered using differential brakes. Nose wheel steering can be enabled using the Hawk configuration tool. To steer the Hawk T1/A on the ...
Flight Dynamics Issues/The Aircraft Is Difficult To Control
Please ensure that you have installed the Hawk SP1 update and that your realism sliders in the simulator are fully to the right. If you are still experi...
Engine Start Procedure And Pre-Flight Checks
Follow this 'quick start' guide if you are having trouble getting the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer started ready for flight. Click on the image abo...