Latest Update: 25/09/2017


The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Hotfix 201
- Fixed crash to desktop issue when swapping aircraft.

- Gun-sight collimation fixed for FSX/P3D

- ILS/TACAN logic adjustment
- HSI bug event flooding fixed
- CBLs and weapons config tool updated so that CBLs can be carried on inner pylons
- Payload Save feature added to weapons selector panel
- Nose light brightness increased and effect added
- Specific Red Arrows FDE options added to config tool
- Extensively revised flight model with more accurate spin and stall performance

- Brand new flight model
- Option to enable nose-wheel steering added to configuration tool
- Interactive checklist added
- Hydraulic system draining during flight manoeuvres - fixed
- Some ordnance not showing in VC – fixed
- Stall horn removed and replaced with buffet rumble noise
- Default sim battery will automatically be turned on to prevent engine start problems
- Text overlap on radio unit – fixed
- Joysticks with multiple throttle levers not working – fixed
- P3D preview window issue fixed

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