Latest Update: 03/05/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


FDE Update

- Much better (read 'dangerous: will kill you if you mess it up') low speed single-engine handling

- Smoother all-round flight

- Better harmonisation of controls

- Improved engine performance and behaviour and easier to exceed service ceiling

FDE Update for boxed product ONLY



- Prepar3D v4 compatibility added


- Further improvements to engine start logic

- Improved panel state system. The panel state will be automatically saved whenever a flight is saved and reloaded when that flight is loaded.

- Generator warning lights – fixed

- Top to belly tank transfer system – fixed


- Landing light - now illuminates the ground, cockpit switch functionality improved

- Checklist panel updated – performance improvements, clearer text and page numbers added

- NAV/GPS toggle click-spot added – a click-spot located in the bottom left corner of the 2D autopilot panel can be used to toggle between NAV and GPS mode. With NAV selected the autopilot will track a VOR radial when the TRACK knob is pulled. With GPS selected the autopilot will track the GPS flight plan.


- Text removed from bottom of autopilot 2D panel

- Engine start issues fixed

- Zero G flameout logic improved

- Prepar3D v3 compatibility added

- Altimeter fixed


- Revised flight dynamics to improve the directional control at circuit speeds

- New aircraft model to remove the pink surfaces that show when textures are loading

- Revised ground unit placement

- Multiplayer flooding issue fixed

- FSX Steam Edition compatibility added


- Lower strobe position adjusted.

- Strobe lights now have red and white lights (strobe switches are now three-position).

- Fuel tank capacity adjusted.

- Canopy opening procedure adjusted (see manual page 24 for procedure).

- Canopy bounce when in propped taxi position fixed.

- Autopilot heading mismatch fixed.

- Revised smoke and heat-haze effects.

- Smoke appearing at wing tip bug fixed.

- Heading gauge bug fixed.

- Throttle freeze bug fixed.

- GPS back button bug fixed.

- Sunken ground equipment problem fixed.

- Check list now left-aligned for easy reading.

- Q-feel needles now showing in cockpit.

- Cold and Dark bug fixed.

- Flight analysis tool replaced with three separate tools. Flight analysis part completely reworked and now displayed live data during the flight, including a map with aircraft and way point positions.

- Canopy misting feature added – canopy will now mist when descending from altitude, requiring the de-mist system to be activated.

- Custom engine start system improved.

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