The engine start procedure is simple but involves a Gas Turbine Starting (GTS) system, a small gas turbine which acts as a starter motor for the engine, and which needs to be running prior to engine start. The GTS automatically shuts down once a successful engine start has been achieved. 

The GTS can be started by pressing the start/relight button, which is located on the front of each throttle lever. The ‘APU STARTER’ control assignment can also be used to trigger the start/relight button. A green GTS indicator on the right instrument panel confirms availability of the GTS for engine start. 

With the GTS running, the engine can be started by moving the engine start master switch (located on the left console) to the START position. 

The ‘Ready for Takeoff’ EFB option and ‘Auto Start Engine’ (Ctrl+E) control assignment will trigger the GTS to start, followed by the engine, with no further control inputs required.

The MSFS checklist system can be used to configure the aircraft from cold and dark, through to engine start, with full support for the automated co-pilot.

A video tutorial is also available – Click Here

See pages 74, 108 and 124 of the manual for more information.