Latest Update: 2022/04/05

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixes the scenario: 02. [701] Dawn of Spring which had an unachievable timetable and was missing a point.

- Iimproves the 701 series regulator digital input sensitivity.


- ‘TEST’ word on Destination/information display on E5 Series High Speed EMU now fixed.

- In-cab flickering on the Sendai depot livery for the 701 Series EMU fixed.

- Route crash for users who have the Tadami route installed now fixed.

v1.01 - 2021/12/22


- Flickering and disappear of assets in Kitakami station

- Scenario scripts not applied issue in some scenarios

- 701 side decals flickering issue

- Other slight visual issue fix



- Add blocker train to let speed curve come to effect for 3 no siding stations;

- Flora placement update for the main line;

- Add information display in cabin view of E5/H5 to add local atmosphere 



- Platform items

- H5 high speed EMU

- E5/H5 cabin display

- Sendai depot 701.

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