The manual is wrong to say SHIFT + 2 for the MCDU (FMC) view. The correct keys are SHIFT + 3. This is the complete panel view key list. With the FS2002 keyboard assignments set to Default they are as follows: Use with the NUMLOC light OFF.

Shift + 2 = VFR/IFR panel show/hide.
Shift + 3 = MCDU (FMC) show/hide.
Shift + 4 = Centre Pedestal show/hide.
Shift + 5 = Large Primary Flight display (PFD)
Shift + 6 = Large Navigation Display (ND).
Shift + 7 = Large upper Engine Condition and Monitoring
Shift + 8 = Large lower Engine Condition and Monitoring (ECAM).

The above numbers are NOT Numpad, but just the numbers along the keyboard top and NOT the F (function) keys. The above views can also be operated via the FS2002 Views instrument panel menu.

Shift + Numpad 5 = Overhead panel show/hide.