The instructions in the manual for uninstalling A320 are incorrect. If you wish to uninstall A320 please do so in the following way only:

1. Do not have FS2002 running.
2. Insert the A320 Professional CD-ROM into your CD-ROM Drive.
3. Click "Install".
4. Cancel the video that starts to run by clicking on it.
5. In the "choose setup language" window choose the language that you originally installed with, and then click "OK".
6. A dialog box will appear offering to "Modify, Repair or Remove" the program.
7. Select "Remove" and click "Next".
8. A dialogue box will ask you if you want to completely remove the program. Pressing 'OK' will remove A320 Professional from your system.
9. Click "Finish" to end this operation. Uninstalling or deleting A320 Professional in any other way may cause problems when using this program in the future or with your Windows set-up.