Latest Update: 03/01/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v1.3.0.0 Experimental

- Full new build to include A330 technology

v1.2.5.0 - Non experimental

- Bug Fix: Fix wrong calculation of deceleration point in geo descent

- Bug Fix: Several sync issues solved for CFD

- Bug Fix: Fix for doors issues in Turn Around State

- Bug Fix: Fix for incorrect fuel burn from Center tank

- Bug Fix: Retard call prevented on take-off in CFD mode

- Bug Fix: IRS not aligning is some cases fixed

- Improvement: Tweaks to PFD display

- Improvement: 2D MCDU resized to avoid overlapping windows

- Improvement: Tweaks to Procedure Turns

- Improvement: vPilot second radio Rx on/off control from aircraft radio panel added

- Improvement: FADEC logic overhauled to prepare for A330

v1.2.4.2 - Experimental

- Bug Fix: Fixes in STAR loading via CO RTE

- Bug Fix: excessive COMPANY MSG message after loading a saved flight

- Bug Fix: Issues with cockpit printer corrected

- Bug Fix: Diverse issues in IRS INIT corrected

- Improvement: Tweaks to PFD display

- Improvement: Added more align IRS time steps

- Improvement: A few last items synced in Connected Flight Deck

- Improvement: ECAM indication changed from "NO PED" to "NO PORTABLE DEVICES"

- Improvement: Multiple changes to speed management

- Improvement: Refinements to GSX2 implementation

- Improvement: Refinements to Checklists

v1.2.4.1 - Experimental

- Bug Fix: Issue with doors states fixed

- Bug Fix: Incorrect deletion of the DISCON after selecting an approach

- Bug Fix: inHG Altimeter dot added

- Bug Fix: Issues with multiple VORs with same code fixed

- Bug Fix: Prevention of giganormous log files

- Improvement: Finishing GSX2 interaction

- Improvement: Demo of VC objects removed

- Improvement: Possible fix for printer issues

- Improvement: Some tweaks to PFD

v1.2.4.0 - NON EXPERIMENTAL (save your liveries!):

- Bug Fix: Avoiding CTD in Connected Flight Deck

- Improvement: Finishing GSX2 interaction

- Improvement: Refinements to Connected Flight Deck

- Improvement: Vol1 manual updated

v1.2.3.6 - EXPERIMENTAL:

- Bug Fix: Added ASC.cfg files missing from update

v1.2.3.5 - EXPERIMENTAL:

- Bug Fix: State loading issues solved

- Bug Fix: New versions of Connect Flight Deck (still alpha code)

- Improvement: Further tweaks on GSX2 interaction

- Improvement: Small tweak to VC graphics

v1.2.3.3 - EXPERIMENTAL (Including Connected Flight Deck) Aso indicated as 

- Bug Fix: Fix in RAD NAV on VOR course

- Bug Fix: Fixes in Loadsheet report, wrong values when not using the Fuel Planner

- Bug Fix: Minor fix on Remote CDU: it might be disabled under certain conditions.

- Bug Fix: Fixes related to magnetic variation on WPTs shown on F-PLN page (multiple leg types)

- Bug Fix: FMGS was totally locked up on PRINT ALL for WX reports

- Bug Fix: Arrival airport data was sometimes unavailable when ALTN is also present, leading to issues like dashed UTC, EFOB etc.

- Bug Fix: Occasional exception when scrolling the ARRIVALS page

- Bug Fix: Fixes in F-PLN page, spd/mach and alt values displayed incorrectly, constraints displayed incorrectly

- Bug Fix: During fire test the engine fault light on pedestal now nolonger comes on

- Bug Fix: ELEC: GEN1+GEN2 "OFF" light logic inverted

- Bug Fix: HYD: ECAM page: Status of HYD pumps inverted

- Bug Fix: CTD happened on HOLD at PPOS

- Bug Fix: Clearing the Flaps/Trim settings on RWY change

- Bug Fix: TO SHIFT clearing manually and also automatically on RWY change

- Bug Fix: PROG page: manually entered required RNP value was being overwritten, and also wrong font size;

- Bug Fix: PSD placement on a curve was incorrect, e.g. LEMD ILS32RZ VIA ASBIN

-Bug Fix: REPORT page: it was totally blank when the arrival airport wasn't selected.

- Bug Fix: CTD on WX request with the wind speed given in other units

- Bug Fix: ACARS: the wind speed from METAR REPORT wasn't converted when storing values (if given in different units, KMH or - MPS)

- Bug Fix: the RNP value wasn't synced with FO MCDU

- Bug Fix: incorrect indication for the RNP value with precision

- Bug Fix: enormous curves on ND caused by invalid navaid coordinates, if navaid isn't present in the active navdata

- Improvement: Connected Flight Deck activated for Open Beta

- Improvement: Tweaks to QNH/STD

- Improvement: More tweaks to PFD

- Improvement: ECAM COND: Temp drop to OAT made faster again when packs are switched off

- Improvement: GCS switch of WXR now springloaded to AUTO position

- Improvement: Multiple changes to DUPLICATES page

- Improvement: Tweaks for GSX2

- Improvement: layout for prints improved

- Improvement: ELEC: Several internal adaptations to match newer BUS logic from A320

- Improvement: Dual Input sounds added

v1.2.3.2 - EXPERIMENTAL: 

- Bug Fix: Updates of GSX2 compatibility

- Bug Fix: Issues with brake fan sounds solved

- Bug Fix: AUTO ELEV value in CAB PRESS ECAM page was always 100 feet too high, now correct

- Bug Fix: CVR GCTRL logic corrected

- Bug Fix: APU RPM corrected for IAE engines

- Bug Fix: CTD issues with print avoided

- Bug Fix: Flaps/trim now corrected reset on runways change

- Bug Fix: Speed/mach and alt values on F-PLN pages corrected

- Bug Fix: Constrains displays incorrectly

- Bug Fix: Display of MagVar for WPTs on F-PLN corrected

- Improvement: Minor tweaks to PROG and REPORT pages

- Improvement: Minor graphical tweaks to PFD

- Improvement: Minor functional tweaks to PFD

  • Added RNP AR capability….L/DEV
  • Added DH indication
  • Added MDA indication
  • Added landing elevation indication
  • Added tailstrike pitch indication

- Improvement: Logic behind CPT BARO and ISIS BARO changed

- Improvement: Print margins

- Improvement: ET timers now reset on loading Cold & Dark and Turn Around

v1.2.3.1 - EXPERIMENTAL:

- Bug Fix: Better prevention of Stuka dives

- Bug Fix: Brake fan sound played more reliably

- Bug Fix: WHEEL ECAM pages corrected temperature indications

- Bug Fix: Possible fix for missing paper in printer

- Improvement: Removed obsolete sounds

- Improvement: Printer sound shortened

- Improvement: Latest tweaks to printouts

- Improvement: PFD markers updated to 2019 Airbus standard

- Improvement: Background lighting for several displays unlinked from Shift-L

- Improvement: ECAM COND Temp drop to OAT significantly slowed down when both packs are switched off

- Improvement: MAG VAR for runways corrected when using Navigraph

v1.2.3.0 Non Experimental (save your liveries!)
- Bug Fix: Problems with Chrono fixed
- Bug Fix: Some fuel systems issues solved
- Improvement: ND elements updated to newer Airbus standard
- Improvement: Better GSX2 support
- Improvement: More and corrected AIDS prints
- Improvement: Corrected AoA on flare
- Improvement: Silenced 60/70 feet AGL calls
- Improvement: Better fonts for FCU, COMS etc
- Improvement: ND Runway drawing now includes MAGVAR

v1.2.2.2 Experimental
- Bug Fix: Checklist 'Leave Runway on southern hemisphere' issue fixed
- Improvement: All checklist and ASC files included to prevent different version in use
- Improvement: More items printed
- Improvement: minor graphical tweaks in PFD (modern dot and donat)

Support: New loggin added to try to understand lost managed speed (will trigger log entree when speed is set under 120)

v1.2.2.1 Experimental
- Bug fix: OPT ALT calculation short before reaching TOD:
- Bug fix: REC MAX ALT calculation was so far directly connected to OPT ALT calculation with all its bugs...
- Bug fix: Possible time compression (simulation speed factor) taken into account for fuel transfer from CTR to WING tanks
- Bug Fix: Air condition now no longer operating when no BLEED AIR available (via ENGINES or APU) or when packs are off. It now slowly changes accordingly to adapt to ambient temp.
- Bug Fix: ECAM page: Line color corrected right of HOT AIR valve to be amber if HOT AIR pbt off
- Bug Fix: Level off symbol corrected
- Bug Fix: possible for dive in managed descent
- Bug Fix: Possible impact on SPD BRAKE messages related to recent CLB PERF adaptations corrected
- Bug Fix: Only in A321: The CTR TK XFR "OFF" lights were still illuminated even at "Cold and Dark"
- Bug fix OPT ALT: Could display "000" in case of flights shorter than 350nm (was the same for all aircraft types and weights)
- Improvement: OPT ALT, REC MAX ALT and ANTI ICE corrections for A318 adapted according to RW tables (for A318 only they were partly estimated before as no charts available)
- Improvement: "---" for VOR1 CRS now drawn only when no CRS value is entered in RAD NAV page of MCDU, if "000" is entered it is now displayed as "000" and handled like a "360".
- Improvement: Recent fix related to APPR phase (see issue #1145), now enabled as default (no more INI).
- Improvement: Changes in HOLD page: for holdings from the database, the corresponding text captions would be displayed now including the selection arrows
- Improvement: Changes in HOLD page: for holdings not from the database, all the COMPUTED data would be loaded by default now, see issue #1037;
- Improvement: Changes in holdings deletion: when deleting a hold in F-PLN page the following WPT (the same ID) will be also deleted now
- Improvement: Keyboard input module changed to avoid issue with non US keyboard
- Improvement: DES speed updated
- Improvement: AIR COND: Temp change slowed down a bit to make it more realistic
- Improvement: VOR CDI skipped from drawing if no CRS value is entered in RAD NAV page of MCDU
- Improvement: Printer flightlog report more data added - landing speed and landing distance
- Improvement: WX report: alternate airport is now included in the default report
- Improvement: Minor fixes for stability in AIDS print
- Improvement: (MCDU3) OPTIONS / CHECKLIST: Approach Speed and 250 Knots Limiter - Bugs removed, variables adapted and functionality enhanced
- Improvement: Checklist and Copilot function: Oxygen Crew Supply Check deleted from Turnaround CL
- Improvement: Now for every type of aircraft a specific calcuation is done accroding to RW tables
- Improvement: Now deviation from ISA temp is taken into account
- Improvement: Now for every type of aircraft a specific correction for ANTI ICE (ENGINE ANTI ICE, TOTAL ANTI ICE) is done accroding to RW tables
- Improvement: Now for every type of aircraft a specific calcuation is done accroding to RW tables
- Improvement: Now deviation from ISA temp is taken into account
- Improvement: Now for every type of aircraft a specific correction for ANTI ICE (ENGINE ANTI ICE, TOTAL ANTI ICE)
- Improvement: Special handling implemented for flaps/slats to allow to drive into full up position even without HYD when "COLD AND DARK" or "TURN AROUND" state is selected
- Improvement: FLARE height changed
- Improvement: Change to FBW to prevent nose dive in Geo Des.

v1.2.2.0 Non experimental channel -->> NOTE OVERWRITES AICRAFT>CFG, save you liveries! <<--
- Bug fix: Fix to avoid radio set to unusable frequency
- Bug fix: Fixes in speed constraints
- Bug Fix: Fix to avoid erroneously triggered warning sound
- Bug Fix: Missing ND text inserted
- Bug Fix: Fix to solve missing indication of flight control surface movement in test
- Improvement: Complete GSX2 support
- Improvement: Tweaks to checklists
- Improvement: Changes in flight stage triggering
- Improvement: All climb profiles fully overhauled


- Fixes in GA PERF page

- Added code to avoid CTD

- Fix for dissapearing climb constraints after passing waypoints

- Added fields to LoadSheet for FMGS

- Misc fixes in AIDS PRINT

- Cockpit printer: added the loadsheet printout, being activated after the pax boarding complete

- Changes in MCDU text colors

v1.2.0.2 Experimental -->> NOTE OVERWRITES AICRAFT>CFG, save you liveries! <<--

- Fixed climb constraints indications and autopilot respecting them

- Cockpit printer: Zulu date/time now used instead of sim current time

- Adding contrails that were missing from some types

- Changes in sim METAR decoding

- Tweaks to drag factor

- Fix for web connect, Do note there are now TWO web connect apllication:

- A3XXConnectPro_A320A321 and A3XXConnectPro_A318A319 Both are installed in this update! Experimental

- Fixed webconnect not working for users who did not have the A318/A319 installed

- Inserted the lower volume sound for wind and wipers as was used for the A318/A319

- Corrected parking codes in aircraft.cfg

- Corrected thumbnails used in livery manager

- Changed descend behavior to use a bit steeper angle to maintain momentum

- Changed climb behavior for A321 IAE

- Corrected Eazyjet serial placard

- Updated METAR decoding for AOC menu's, still some work open

- Fixed EGT indication for CFM engine

- BA now Speedbird for ATC

- Cargo door speed animation corrected

- Reduced pitch sensitivity that causesd issues for some configurations.

- Zoom and pan options made possible in all VC views.

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