This update ONLY works with the boxed, retail Just Flight CD version of the PSS A320 Professional. It does not work with the PSS download version. You WILL need the Just Flight A320 Professional CD to install this update. This update is NOT essential to the operation of the A320 program, but if you are experiencing the issues mentioned below then you will need to install it.

How to download and start the update.

Download this update to a temporary location on your hard drive. Remember where you downloaded it to as you will need to find and use it to install the update! After you have finished downloading the update, locate the location on your hard drive where you download and saved the A320 update to.

When you have located the downloaded file, double mouse-click on the file called: A320 Patch 01.exe. This will start the update process. Read fully and carefully the information text that comes up at the beginning of the update. This has full install instructions and important notes on the update.

What this update does: This update introduces two changes to Fly By Wire logic and Flight Dynamics:

1. When a pitch limit (+30 or -15 degrees) was reached, the logic commanded certain up or down elevator position in order to prevent further pitching, regardless of stick position. This sometimes made stall recovery almost impossible in case of excessive pitch down, as the stick input was blocked. Now such a fixed elevator is commanded ONLY if the stick input is less, blocking any input which would increase pitch deviation. Furthermore, any pitch protection and auto-trimming is disabled at airspeeds less than alpha protection or more than Vmax (Maximum allowed safe aircraft speed).

2. Elevator Auto-trimming was operating at speeds above alpha protection, even while on the ground. This sometimes caused the aircraft to jump up at touchdown and being resistive to land, due to the elevator trim going nose-up at landing. Now auto-trimming is disabled when the aircraft is below 15 feet radio altimeter altitude.