Latest Update: 23/12/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release: Experimental

- Improvement: Tweaks for EFB, HIGHLY recommended update Stable

- Bug Fix: Fuel Planner files got replaced by the old A320 files in some cases

- Bug Fix: Fly By Wire logic improved

- Bug Fix: Checklist stuck on lights on

- Bug Fix: 2D EFB Margins

- Improvement: Several fixes in manuals Experimental

- Bug Fix: Possible fix for the wings flapping on ground

- Bug Fix: Configurator not working

- Bug Fix: Flaps lever axis handling improved

- Bug Fix: Negative time differece prevented in case sim time is changed

- Improvement: Several PFD indications adjusted and improved

- Improvement: Trim resets to 4 UP after touch down Experimental

- Bug Fix: Wheel animation when rolling backwards solved

- Bug Fix: Tweaks to FADECĀ 

- Bug Fix: Possible fix for non removal of GPU

- Bug Fix: LNAV in shallow turns tweaked

- Bug Fix: Brake fan messages removed

- Bug Fix: Issue with SimStarter solved

- Bug Fix: GSX loading more then 255 pax issues solved

- Improvement: Engine howling tweaked

- Improvement: Tweaks to fuel use to counter impossible weather

- Improvement: Vol1 manual updated

- Improvement: Warning for links added

- Improvement: Checklists tweaked to handle possible incorrect flows

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