Latest Update: 24/06/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v1.0.5.1 Full new build

- Bug Fix: Fixed issue with WebSimBrowser for the EFB not installing in some cases

- Bug Fix: Fixed issue with CFD files that prevented the use of CFD

- Bug Fix: Fixed TRUE HDG indication on the PFD

v1.0.5.0 Full new build - 24/06/2021
- Bug Fix: Various small fixes in the checklists
- Bug Fix: Various small fixes with CPDLC and DCDU
- Bug Fix: Corrected the radial in line course
- Bug Fix: Heading line was visible on LOC capture during radial in direct
- Improvement: Added support for Thrustmaster TCA custom flaps and speedbrake lever mode (see forum announcement for additional details)
- Improvement: ALT defaults to managed now on the panel states

v1.0.4.2 Stable release
- Bug Fix: Possible fix for the MCDU freeze when using the CPDLC functions on DCDU
- Bug Fix: Various fixes in the checklists
- Improvement: Fuel planner figures adjusted

v1.0.4.1 Stable release
- Bug Fix: Fixed the DCDU not working in some cases

v1.0.4.0 Stable release
- Bug Fix: Possible fix for EXT PWR not working in some cases then loading and aircraft state
- Improvement: Disabled the function where toe brakes automatically released the parking brake
- Improvement: Major improvements in the checklist and ViewFocus functions
(for further information about checklist changes check:

v1.0.2.0 Full new build

- First P3D V5 release


- Bug Fix: EFB folder path full unicode support to fix issue with special characters

- Bug Fix: Dive issue when speed increased fixed

-Bug Fix: Several issues with ECAM MEMO logic fixed-

- Bug Fix: Small fix for GSmini display

- Bug Fix: OVHD reading light on CPT side could have stayed on partly when turning it on/off several times

- Bug Fix: After setting altimeter to STD it might have happened that former QNH still was set on according ND altimeter while STD displayed on BARO selector

- Bug Fix: If upper ECAM is switched off its content is correctly displayed on lower ECAM. But in this situation some drawings were scaled incorrect...

- Bug Fix: Fix for park brk desync issue in CFD

- Improvement: A/THR response adapted for better turbulence handling

- Improvement: Added logic for FLEX setting

- Improvement: Several small adjustments in ND like heading bug visible with preselected HDG on FCU

- Improvement: Added logic for right MCDU to control right ND PLAN mode

- Improvement: Several adjustments with STEP ALTS implementation

- Improvement: Several speed flags and protection speeds and logics improved

- Improvement: Multiple fixes in holdings line drawing

- Improvement: COMs frequency spacing changed from 25kHz to now 8.33kHz Experimental (only full new build)

- Bug fix: Small issues in CORTE selection and WIND pages
- Bug fix: Spoiler inbalance issue solved
- Bug fix: QNH decrepancy when inHg was selected solved
- Bug fix: MCDU freeze issue solved
- Bug fix: Auto trim now suits animations
- Bug fix: Fixes in FPLN page on landing phase
- Bug fix: Further fixes in DES page predictions
- Improvement: Pacs logic improvement
- Improvement: Engine start logic improvement
- Improvement: FF and Brake indications better
- Improvement: Added SID and Arrival to CFD sync
- Improvement: Changes MCDU menu
- Improvement: Fuel calculation
- Improvement: LOW FUEL message added to ECAM
- Improvement: Conditions to show rising runway
- Improvement: Copilot now also adjusts FO BARO settings
- Improvement: Timing start DESCENT PREP CL changed (starts 5 NM earlier)
- Improvement: GSX-Pushback – Good Engine Start PF call added and call modified (no GSX confirmation necessary anymore)
- Improvement: parking – Dome lights are automatically switched on, Cones are set and GPU-unit connected
- Improvement: Breaks between various checks / settings added when aircraft is moving – during those breaks the standard VC view is called (looking outside)
- Improvement: Timing Seatbelt Announcement CLIMB: Adapted to OVHD switch setting
- Improvement: Aircraft.cfg – Views added and adapted to CL/ViewFocus
- Improvement: ViewFocus now also works for ChasePlane users
- Improvement: Cabin Crew Announcements - Cabin lights call during climb - Now also considers position of OVH light switch
- Improvement: After GO-AROUND checklist now proceeds (CLIMB or NEW APPROACH)
- Improvement: GSX2 implementation updated
- Improvement: Mavigraph chart support added
- Improvement: Minor changes to printout position and texture
- Improvement: Changed default bag weight to 25 Kg
- Improvement: Avoiding issues with 3rd party replacement of default files (ohhh please, never do that....)
- Improvement: Changes to fuel planner so users can edit amount and CG Experimental

- Improvement: Tweaks for EFB, HIGHLY recommended update Stable

- Bug Fix: Fuel Planner files got replaced by the old A320 files in some cases

- Bug Fix: Fly By Wire logic improved

- Bug Fix: Checklist stuck on lights on

- Bug Fix: 2D EFB Margins

- Improvement: Several fixes in manuals Experimental

- Bug Fix: Possible fix for the wings flapping on ground

- Bug Fix: Configurator not working

- Bug Fix: Flaps lever axis handling improved

- Bug Fix: Negative time differece prevented in case sim time is changed

- Improvement: Several PFD indications adjusted and improved

- Improvement: Trim resets to 4 UP after touch down Experimental

- Bug Fix: Wheel animation when rolling backwards solved

- Bug Fix: Tweaks to FADEC 

- Bug Fix: Possible fix for non removal of GPU

- Bug Fix: LNAV in shallow turns tweaked

- Bug Fix: Brake fan messages removed

- Bug Fix: Issue with SimStarter solved

- Bug Fix: GSX loading more then 255 pax issues solved

- Improvement: Engine howling tweaked

- Improvement: Tweaks to fuel use to counter impossible weather

- Improvement: Vol1 manual updated

- Improvement: Warning for links added

- Improvement: Checklists tweaked to handle possible incorrect flows

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