Latest Update: 2023/12/08

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Improved MSFS prototype

- Fixed the latitude/longitude issue where the own vehicle would be placed in the middle of the ocean

v1.24 - 2023/03/27

-MSFS prototype has been updated to current MSFS specs

v1.22 - 15/06/2020

Please note: Some of these updates refer to the new prototype of WAMA for Microsoft Flight Simulator which is included with v1.22. (Only the main features of WAMA will work with this prototype, since MSFS is currently unable to support all functionality that was possible with P3D. At the moment we cannot provide support for this prototype, as the simulator is still in constant development.)

- Change: Startup logic changed

- Change: Load flight before starting MSFS.

- Change: FirstFlightState=PREFLIGHT_PUSHBACK for MSFS saved flights - disabled, crashes the sim

- Change: Reset MSFS weather settings in the FLT File

- Change: disregard weather file in MSFS

- Change: Selected model is jumping up and down (limitation in MSFS due to broken slew mode)

- Change: Populate airports with static planes

- Change: Transport objects

- Bugfix: Model selection from treelist on the DBE

- Change: Parsing titles of Asobo aircraft

- Change: MSFS: current flight plan is copied to the clipboard

- Change: expanded removal logic of ATC stuff for MSFS

- Change: freeze-logic for MSFS; MSFS doesn't process the keyboard commands => separate dialog for unfreezing

- Change: prerequisites for transport feature (payload stations, inventory)

- Change: in-flight saved position is frozen after loading.

- Change: Keyboard Hook timer/queue based

- Bugfix: Movement controls only active when activated from the menu.

- Change: Loading a flight sets the departure gate

- Bugfix: Parking BGL names with characters (MSFS)

- Change: Movement controls more stable (keyboard hook)

- Change: Screenshots in MSFS

- Change: MSFS compatibility, BGL scanner

- Change: Don't handle weather files if they don't exist (MSFS!)

- Change: Don't handle proximity for static objects

- Change: create a Scene from parked traffic

Update - 2020/06/15

- resolves the issue with the scenery database scan failing with an unhandled exception


- Fixes a bug where WAMA would throw an exception every time a user tries to save a position.


- Fixes the bug where the app would throw an error in certain conditions while searching through the users scenery for addon airports


- Lorby "GoogleEarth Live View" has been added, that will show the pilots position and all AI in GE

- Positions can now be saved even when the aircraft is in the air/still moving

- Destination Finder can be limited to the installed addon airfields.


- Fixes the compatibility issues with the Aerosoft Airbus line of products


- Installer for P3D V4.4

- Fixes a problem that WAMA always had with Carenado aircraft. If you had one of those parked at your destination using WAMA, they would turn off your engine once you came into range.


- You can now add comments to logbook entries (departure, arrival and any screenshot that you take)

- The data that is being logged has been expanded. Landing data includes weather conditions now and various other variables (if available from the aircraft model).

- Several bugfixes and adjustments. Most notably, the Time Machine now works correctly with the QW 787.


- New: the "Time Machine" accelerates the simulation rate between the waypoints of your flight plan, slowing down automatically for each turn.

- New: screenshots made while the WAMA logbook was active are added to the database and can be admired in an HTML based "scrapbook" report of your flight.

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