Latest Update: 2022/10/31

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



Due to changes in consist and wagon numbers and internal names, old scenarios might show a "consist changed" error. If this happens, click "edit", then just save the scenario and start playing. Nothing else is required.

- Fully upgraded model

- New: geometry and textures for all the exterior models and the cab. OLDER REPAINTS WILL NOT WORK WITH v4.0

- New: much more detail than older versions

    - rebuilt underside details

    - rebuilt wheels

    - rebuilt bogies

    - rebuilt coupler

    - rebuilt pantograph

    - corrected interior floor height and rebuilt steps and areas around doors and balconies

- New: new cab model

    - rebuilt to now have back of cab

    - 360 camera option

    - retextured with higher detail

    - rebuilt switches and controls

    - corrected some old texture errors in warning lamps

    - added missing decals on the driver console

    - new GSM-R

    - new tablet holder

- New: new simulation and wagon scripts. Much more memory efficient, much quicker to execute

- New: higher detail textures for exterior window frames

- New: passenger and driver models

- New: horn sounds now loop

- New: all-new engine sounds, running sounds and cab sounds. Thanks to LinusF for some of the engine sounds.

- New: cab control sounds (thanks to my beta team for recording some of these)

- New: wagon interior lighting now controllable from the cab

- New: 'dead' and parked engines have interior lighting off, no passengers, no drivers

- New: now uses master destination list with ability to pre-set destinations

- New: headlight controls for shunting and danger modes

- New: headlight dimming control

- New: "E" to zero-out throttle

- New: HUD controls have correct notch names (instead of 0%-100%)

- Fixed: performance / framerate problem when too many ICM's were visible in the same scene

- Fixed: Power / brakes / weights - much more prototypical

- Fixed: added UIC codes to exterior of ICMm

- Fixed: brake gauges now work when multiple consists are joined together

- Fixed: excessive camera shake in the cab

- Fixed: brake handle now has notches / detents

- Fixed: a lot of errors in the 10-year old ATB code

- Fixed: max ATB speed now corrected to 140 instead of 160

- Fixed: ATB lamp above '160' blanked off

- Fixed: modern headlight logic

- Fixed: wiper controls now work correctly in-cab and in the HUD

v2.0 - 2015/04/07

- Fixed : Signboard logic now works with rolling start scenarios

- Fixed : Removed redundant 'simple' controls

- Fixed : Made cab A/C sound a little quieter

- Fixed : finally figured out the game bug where the passenger view sounds were too loud

- Fixed : no identifier when mouse hovered over intermittent switch for wipers in cab

- Improved : more brake sounds and squeals

- Improved : contrast of trackbed rumble to engine sounds

- New : Proper French manual translation

- New : New driver figure and driver logic

- New : Added 'dodeman' deadmans vigilance system. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL

- New : Added ATB Train Protection system. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL

- New : Added moveable sunshade in the cab use the mouse to pull it down

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