Latest Update: 07/04/2015

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed : Signboard logic now works with rolling start scenarios

- Fixed : Removed redundant 'simple' controls

- Fixed : Made cab A/C sound a little quieter

- Fixed : finally figured out the game bug where the passenger view sounds were too loud

- Fixed : no identifier when mouse hovered over intermittent switch for wipers in cab

- Improved : more brake sounds and squeals

- Improved : contrast of trackbed rumble to engine sounds

- New : Proper French manual translation

- New : New driver figure and driver logic

- New : Added 'dodeman' deadmans vigilance system. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL

- New : Added ATB Train Protection system. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL

- New : Added moveable sunshade in the cab use the mouse to pull it down

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