Latest Update: 2023/01/20

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- tweaks to airspeed indicator settings
- added Asobo trim template to rectify direction of analog trim controls

v1.2.11 - 2022/11/01

- Added missing functions (knobs and buttons) to G3X Touch
- Fixed minor glitch in rear cockpit texturing
- Miscellaneous improvements to "dark" cockpit variant

v1.2.10 - 2022/10/24
- fixed incorrect configuration causing G3X panel not to show on some liveries
- fixed incorrect cockpit livery
- removed unnecessary texture files
- added "black" cockpit (applied to some liveries only)

v1.2.9 2022/10/17 
- Fixed bug preventing autopilot altitude selector from working
- Fixed bug preventing "DN" button from working
- Increased elevator trim travel to allow levelling also at very high speeds
- Added female passenger figure (will show if male pilot is used)
- G3X Display is now toggled by Avionics Master switch
- Added localization folder in source structure (in preparation to SU11 Beta)

v1.2.8 - 2022/10/06

- added G3X cockpit variant (not all buttons are functional)
- optimization of XML code
- added male pilot figure (if pilot weight is above 180lbs)
- minor optimization and clean-up of external model
- minor optimization and clean-up of cockpit model
- fixed glitch in radio frequency display
- added vertical trim buttons functionality
- adjustments to trim effectiveness (plane should be easier to trim now)
- minor adjustments to gear dynamics
- fixed minor glitch in texture assignment for inner models
- fixed minor shadowing glitch on external pods
- product manual moved to dedicated Docs folder

v1.2.7 - 2022/05/11

- fixed minor glitch in rudder animation when viewed from the cockpit
- minor tweaks to flight model (canard incidence and trim effectiveness) to improve trim accuracy
- minor tweaks to shadow center position for (hopefully) fewer shadowing artefacts

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