Latest Update: 2022/06/16

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- TDS GTNxi 750 integration (PMS GTN 750 still available)

- Canard elevator animation fixed.

- Flight model completely revamped:

- Trim sensitivity drastically improved. (T/O indication added)

- Stall is more gentle on landing. (forward wing does not fully stall until 60kts at max gross, 50kts at moderate loading)

- CG envelope improved.

- Aerodynamic stability is reduced. (feels more realistic in wind and turbulence)

- Autopilot will no longer enter oscillations at high speed and aft CG.

- Landing gear drag moment adjusted.

- Glowing tailpipe visuals adjusted.

- Door open sound attenuation fixed.

- Engine idle speed slightly increased. (Note: Engine can still stall after starting without increasing throttle, this is an MSFS problem with high-performance engines, also seen in the Extra 330)

- Electrical system overhauled with new tools:

  • Alternator curves adjusted. (battery will charge above 800 RPM with moderate loads)
  • Battery curves adjusted. (fully charged battery will be above 24V)
  • Circuit loads are slightly reduced.
  • G3X now reads the correct bus voltage for "BATT VOLTS".

- Manual updated:

  • Instructions on TDS GTNxi integration.
  • Instrument marking values added to checklists by request.

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