Latest Update: 2024/06/06

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Recompiled all models with new SDK to cater for SU15

v1.64 - 2024/04/11

- All Models -

- Revised autopilot ALT | ARM | CAP | HOLD code to make the transition from arm to capture and hold more reliable and robust.

- Fixed autopilot IAS mode not turning off when ALT is captured.

- Revised AP heading hold code.


v1.62 - 2024/04/04

- All Models -

- Flight model and engine performance adjustments to improve aircraft handling during climb, cruise, and descent.

- Revised flaps for improved handling during approach.

- Revisions to flight model STOL, climb and cruise performance.

- Changes to engine data.

- Changes to flight model data.

- Fixed fuel gauge bug, will now always show correct lbs values.

- Modifications to T5 code and gauge indicators.

- Fixed animation of autopilot altitude selection wheel.

- Fixed autopilot disconnect sound not being audible when pressing Z key.

- Hydraulic reservoir fluid levels adjusted.

- Barber Pole values revised and custom code implemented.

- Modifications to various engine data indicators.

- Revised hydraulic level gauge code.

v1.50 - 2024/02/27

- Performance alignment to more closely match real world STOL performance.

- Numerous flight model changes and improvements.

- Various changes and improvements to engine data.

- Changes to aircraft data.

- New external aircraft FX effects.

- Fixed jittering right foot of Copilot.

- Fixed livery menu aircraft data info.

- Added new ambient cockpit sound.

- Added new cockpit warning sounds

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