Latest Update: 09/08/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- The land an water effects are now working that broke in V1.5

- Asobo caused the effects list to revert back to default from one of their development tools as there are bugs in the latest SDK. This reverted the fix from V1.5 which in return caused the poor FPS when on dirt or grass again.

So now the new effects are working and no frame loss! 

v1.4 - 02/08/2021

- When driving on grass or dirt the FPS would drop to 10FPS. This was NOT caused from the new effects recently added to MSFS2020 1.18.13 or higher. It was because i did not remove the old config entries for the old effts type. So here is an important fix as this version now has a table FPS.

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