Latest Update: 2023/10/16

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


-New behaviors and Flight dynamics adjusted.
-System electrical fixed
-New pfd
-New approach system adjusted
-Autopilot adjusted
-Lights adjusted with new mesh and mapping
-New sound taken of real engines
-PBR settings adjusted for external and internal model
-Repaint LOT as Skyteam, replaced by the original scheme
-Alert GPWS (Terrain, terrain!) solved.
-Documentation included in folders with links to the new video tutorial

v2.88.70 - 2023/01/16

- Remodeled cockpit

- New textures PBR cockpit and Cabin

- New 3D-modeled cockpit enviroment

- VR limits (Collision polygons) fixed

- New lights in the cockpit

- Possibility to start flight on the runway, flight, approaching, etc.

- Cool & Dark Cockpit is now fully available

- New checklist fixed

- New tablet with solutions:

*Ready to Start engines

*Ready to flight

*ON/OFF aural sounds

*Flight attendant voices in 6 languages to select

- Flight dynamics fixed

- Sound volume up

- New sound of Trust Inverter engines

- Errors reported and received by customers solved

- New interior cabin

- It was adjusted the center of gravity

- Fixed fuel consumption and display format

v2.66.6 - 2022/05/10

- Fix to solve error in FMC and NAVIGATION system generated by the last SIMUPDATE 9

v2.65.10 - 2022/04/19

- Modifications to flight dynamics

- Fixes in speed references

- The autopilot system was checked and fixed

- Wingflex animation included

- Sound and volume settings fixed

- Flight start settings, "ready to fly"

- Automatic AI PILOTING guidance included, taxiing or flying with co-pilot assistance is now possible

- Auto installation from App Simmarket

v2.48.15 - 2021/12/06

- CDU fixed

- Transponder console included

- Autopilot logic and code modified

- Approach (G/S) logic and code modified, this time it’s possible approaching at 140/150 knots

- Flight dynamic fixed

- Cockpit lights modified including lights focused for Overhead panel.

- Navigation lights, strobe lights, and beacon lights are visible on the exterior.


- Other thing, we discovered the model is working better in mode TRU TO LIFE into ASSITANCE OPTION because with assistance, the model are presenting several problems to pilots.

v2.11.0 - 23/07/2021

- New PFD

- MFD modified

- Autopilot logic and code modified completely

- Approach (G/S) logic and code modified completely

- Flight dynamic fixed

- Some errors in switches and lights fixed

- Errors in textures of cockpit pixeled (Cockpit door mainly)

- New video tutorials with new instructions (see in our menu PRODUCTS>TUTORIALS)

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