Latest Update: 2023/10/16

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


-New behaviors and Flight dynamics adjusted.
-System electrical fixed
-New pfd
-New approach system adjusted
-Autopilot adjusted
-Lights adjusted with new mesh and mapping
-New sound taken of real engines
-PBR settings adjusted for external and internal model
-Errors in texture mapping with double details (superimposed) have been solved.
-Alert GPWS (Terrain, terrain!) solved.
-Documentation included in folders with links to the new video tutorial

v2.88.90 - 2023/01/16

- Remodeled cockpit
- New textures PBR cockpit and Cabin
- New 3D-modeled cockpit enviroment
- VR limits (Collision polygons) fixed
- New lights in the cockpit
- Possibility to start flight on the runway, flight, approaching, etc.
- Cool & Dark Cockpit is now fully available
- New checklist fixed
- New tablet with solutions:
*Ready to Start engines
*Ready to flight
*ON/OFF aural sounds
*Flight attendant voices in 6 languages to select
- Flight dynamics fixed
- Sound volume up
- New sound of Trust Inverter engines
- Errors reported and received by customers solved
- New interior cabin
- It was adjusted the center of gravity
- Fixed fuel consumption and display format

v2.24.6 - 2022/05/10

- Fix to solve error in FMC and NAVIGATION system generated by the last SIMUPDATE 9

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