Latest Update: 25/02/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- You can now use the -noMFS command line argument to create a company on a machine which doesn't have MFS installed
 - Various interface fixes

v3.0.0.6 - 18/01/2021

- fixed issue with "Cancel" not working when adding an excluded airport
- fixed issue with pax sector departure being reset to 00:00 when editing
- fixed issue with pax sector details UI not updating correctly
- clicking on a path on the WW Job map now selects the job correctly
- WW job board button added to "old" style Cargo Jobs menu
- minor help manual corrections

v3.0.0.5 - 15/01/2021

- You can now import encrypted aircraft using the "Import via Simconnect" function (see Manual for Details).
- AH2 will now load fuel automatically for you when it connects to the Sim
- Creating a Pax Sector now works in the same way as Ad-hoc - shows estimated sales, rather than 100% scenario
- Airport storage capacity limit expanded by factor of 10
- DA-62 max pax increased to 6
- Factories now need to be constructed (in the same way as bases)
- You can now insure personal fleet aircraft
- Additional info added to the Flight Monitoring screen
- Flight Monitoring - shows map line between dep/arr airports, with yellow/green markers
- Surface damage penalties removed temporarily
- New company - airport selection screen - alpha ordering fixed
- AH2 should now prevent blank or null Location being saved to Fleet record
- Fixed an issue which prevented completion of constructed aircraft
- You can now change the cruise speed of an aircraft by right clicking on itin the fleet screen
- Added cruise speed to the Fleet details section
- Fixed an issue which allowed you to skip airport selection when starting a new company
- VA aircraft now update their config (passenger/cargo) when beeing Booked In to the VA fleet
- Aircraft must be at a base (company, or VA) in-order for configuration to be changed
- Being at a VA base now counts towards the repair discount for all aircraft
- Added the kneeboard briefing file to a tab on the Flight Monitoring screen
- You can now disable some (not all) of the in Sim "tips/messages" regarding pax boarding/satisfaction
- Fixed issue with incorrect location/distance in the map view when doing an ad-hoc flight
- Fixed an issue with an incorrect mission destination for smuggling missions
- Fixed issue with the World Wide BBS job map not populating when in Nomad mode
- Adjusted repair screen to make discount/cost clearer
- AH2 Manual updated with importing via simconnect, and other changes

v3.0.0.4 - 15/12/2020

- fixed issue preventing repair of specific aircraft

- TMB 930 max pax capacity changed to 5

- Resolved issue where AH2 would report a location error if the player didn't "Finish Flight monitoring" before taking off again after landing in MFS

- Choose Airport Grid now sorts numbers correctly

- The Loads grid is now no longer editable.

v3.0.0.3 - 11/12/2020

- relaxed constraints on flying with different liveries for aircraft with differing titles for different liveries (FBW A320Neo, I'm looking at you!)
- users using GamePass should no longer receive an error caused by directories being read-only
- resolved error during import process due to misplaced file
- added warning on aircraft importing if none of the aircraft variants are listed as "isUserSelectable"
- various stability/tidy-up fixes also

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