Latest Update: 2024/03/05

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Conversion to modern code from older template system ( fixes a few bugs as well )

- Pilot hiding based on weight ( also can be done using the squab ). 

- Made the Fuel selector a little easier to use and into a drag left or right to set. 

Bugs fixed. 

- Radio tuners now work as expected on the radio. 

- visibility issue on the modern radios is fixed. 

- electrical system reworked to allow for game issue with engine driven alternators and we've tickled ( technical term that ) the voltage curve slightly.  Reminder if you are running the engine under 20 % ( 1200 rpm ) throttle and with all the lights on you will drain your battery. Check your landing lights.

- debug title in payload manager fixed.

- rewrote the start switch code Click and hold the starter.

- removed the annoying squeak from the elevator trim which played if using auto trim in the msfs realism settings.

- Removed the wheel selector on the floats version. 

v1.5.0 - 2022/12/09

- Improved avionics and additional RMI and ADF gauges and receivers

- Fat wheel tyres animation restored

- Wheel selector removed from the Floats version

- Updated the manual.

v1.4.0a - 2022/04/13

- Version number correctly indicates 1.4.0

- Trim sound that was added for SU8 is removed for SU9

v1.4.0 - 2022/04/04

- Electrical issue has been resolved for SU8. Previous fix no longer worked and now is working. Tested on 2 separate flights from full tanks to no tanks. We recommend you not fly with the landing light on though!
- CLick spots for pilot removal and flaps have been revised to allow for an easier use of the fuel tanks.


- Floats now have trails in water.

- Pilots are on by default. Click the seat to remove.

- Cabin heaters are now animated.

- Water rudder is now fixed. 

v1.3.5 - 2022/01/22

- Cleared the Frame rate hit during snow at an airport.

- Removed the squeak of the trim wheel.

v1.3 - 2021/07/20

- Corrects the electrical gremlins with what we hope is a complete solution for battery charge state.

- The panel base has been remodelled to remove artefacts.

- Fuel gauges have been re-calibrated.

- Kholsman readout has been re-calibrated for correct reading

- Control yoke travel extended to correct 110 degrees  in each direction.

- We have now instigated the version control system the game uses so make sure after downloading to check the version number in the content manager of the sim.

v1.2.1 - 2021/07/16

- Corrected engine performance.

- Corrected a tail light issue.

- Corrected a battery/electrical issue once you have been flying for longer than 30 minutes.

v1.2 - 2021/07/14

- Corrected thumbnail for Yellow/Brown livery for the float version.

- Missing "Direct-to" button added to GNS430

- A small round shadow removed from panel backer

- Rain effect entering cabin fixed

- Mixture lever animation reversed

-VSI re-coded to give correct reading

- Further modifications to electrical systems

- Wheel-switcher re-installed for SPATS, NO-SPATS and BUSHWHEEL selection from the cockpit.


- Model reconfigured to give choice of  SPATS, NO SPATS or BUSHWHEELS selectable directly in the sim without the need for separate models.

- Floatplane Version added

- G1000 replaced with more compact, user friendly, optional avionics suite comprising:

  • GNS 430 (GPS)
  • GTX 328 Transponder
  • S-Tec 55 Autopilot 

- Numerous texture improvements

- Rain effect reversed to fall in the correct direction.

- Missing rear left quarter cabin structure textures replaced in all liveries

- Revised electrics code to allow for continuous alternator operation

- Revised engine code

- Revised fuel-burn

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