Latest Update: 07/10/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v1.4 (P3D v4+)

- Missing Pilot panel light replaced.

- Oil Pressure Gauge adjusted

- OBS/Course function in HSI corrected.

v1.3 (P3D v4+)

- Fixed package effect when there was an error in the code if a specific shutdown was used.

v1.2 (P3D v4+)

- By popular demand we have re-introduced Harry ( the man holding the prop from our preview screenshots ).

v1.3 (FSX/P3Dv3)

- No notes from Developer about what is available in this update

v1.2 (FSX/P3Dv3) v1.1 (P3D v4+)

- Performance improvements to the flight dynamics include stronger flap drag , lift and negative “nose-down” attitude when deployed , a small increase in engine power, improved braking and overall balance adjusted for better trimming.

- Takeoff is now more realistic with more marked torque effects and care must be taken to trim properly for takeoff.

- Revised positions and new geometry for fuel gauges and air vents.

v1.1 (FSX/P3Dv3)

- Incorrect mapping in wing leading edge, right wing

- Mapping anomaly in VC rear cabin

- Improved joints between rear windows and cockpit airframe

- Wing texture imbalance in "Wine Red Stripes" version.

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