Latest Update: 2022/11/17

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Terminal - texture mapping improved to work better with SU11

- Terminal guard poles on front - improved textures

- Flags - position improved 

- lights around the airport and on approach have been improved

- 100+ hours spent optimizing and cleaning up the airport for better immersion and fps


- Parking at the West Ga terminal hosts more suitable airplane sizes


- Ground textures are blending better with world update 10

- Elevation on and around the airport improved

- Added objects around the field for more immersion

v1.0.1 - 2022/05/03

- EMAS (Engineered Mass Arrestment System) At Runway 29 - height fixed 

- Runway 29/11 and 7/25 markings fixed

- Runway 29/11 edge lights fixed

- Runway 29/11 Runway distance markers are added

- Taxiway lines at some intersections at J and A have been fixed

- Fire station generator emissive texture fixed

- External building near fire station -  is now showing correctly 

- Static Cessna 208 draw distance fixed

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