Latest Update: 2024/06/07

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Multiplayer tweak for fuselage

- Set the change over for lods to later for PC

- Some interactions have been remade for xbox but works well in PC.

v1.1.2 - 2024/04/11


- Multiplayer lod issue

- Airshow assitant issue with guns firing.

- Incorrect mirror on one of the lods.

- Fuel and payload manager bug fixed.

v1.1.1 (2024/04/11)


If you are running 3rd party shaders and/or tweaks it is expected that you know how to change and modify the shaders. This addon has been developed on a stock MSFS game. Effects are working on a stock game.

If you have replaced the stock Asobo pilot with a thirdparty version there is a good chance the pilot switcher will not work correctly. It is assumed that you will understand this as you have modified your game. We cannot be held responsible for disembodied hands showing due to issues with other third party addons. This is down to the code of the visibility switcher

Newly ADDED:

 - someone on facebook made the mention of the RAF being in the manual but no texture representing the RAF.He's right! RAF texture added.

- Malcom hood model added + 2 textures for the malcom hood version. There is no change to the actual FM . This is PURELY visual. The malcom hood was an interim solution between the razorback and the bubble top P-47. 


- Canopy in new model now opens.

- Odd issue in multiplayer and airshow assistant rectified.


- Possible VR fix we dont develop for VR but we have instigated the SDK recommendations.  

Bug fixes:

- Aileron trim enabled now.

- Main fuel selector correctly moved to the correct fuel tank on flight start. 

- Lightened the metal on metal textured aircraft. Please be wary of the first note.

- Landing light effects alignment changed outwards.

- Pilot disappearing at distance if using the stock pilot.

- added gunsight to distance models. 

- Lowered the volume of the interior sound by 3db. ( Community feedback )

- Possible fix to AI sounds. 

- reprofiled hump and canopy on the standard razorback and the new malcom hood.

- moved the gunsight mk8 over - Please remember this is a civil based sim. 

- Put the correct throttle and water injection switch in with requisite changes to the flightmodel.

- changed the props from feathered to unfeathered. It was annoying us too ! 

- Gun visual effect conflict with the P-51 has been rectified. 

Flightmodel changes:

- MAtched the stock mixture lever to the following  80% lever position is auto-rich, 65% is auto-lean, 0 is cutoff.

- prop inertia change.

- Cowl flaps system retweaked - full open will be needed at 140 mph to balance at 260 C.  On a hot day, airspeed will need to be increased in the climb.

- added more payload options for those of you that want that sort of control. The ammo has no effect on how long you fire your guns mainly because you know you could run out before you need to. Also the click click sound ? difficult. 

- Water injection is available. You must set the water payload for it to be used it is set to 2 gal per minute, so approx 7.5 minutes or so.

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