Latest Update: 21/12/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- antiskid light behaviour corrected, light goes on with landing gear down, if it's on ground means a failure

- APC reading corrected with a new schedule

- mitigated (not completely corrected) VR Asobo bug that makes pilot avatars visible under some circumstances (i.e.: chase view), however using top menu should restore correct visualization

- Altimeter Kholsmann window bug fixed

- APC kicker late intervention

- fixed wrong fuel/cit test switches initial position

- fixed wrong rudder trim switch initial position



- added afterburner pilot flame

- added characters to startup diorama

- removed engine reverse, not more used to simulate dragchute

- take off pitch trim position fine tuned to 0.28

- MASTER CAUTION Press-to-reset implemented

- added a new core afterburner flame

v2.0.0 - 07/12/2021


- Fixed Aileron/Rudder limiters not working properly

- Fixed sound bug when flaps are operated

- Fixed Kholsmann setting misalignment

- Fixed navigation lights weakness

- Fixed boundary layer doors not operating properly

- Fixed dragchute dimensions, now is 18' as it should be

- Fixed flaps doll's eyes at night

- Fixed LN3 platform alignment procedure, now green light blinks when aligned

- Fixed CIT wrong indication under some conditions

- Fixed pilots dimensions

- Fixed pilot seat flickering at night

- Fixed canopy glass dirtiness

- Fixed afterburner "rumbling" missing in cockpit

- Fixed cabin pressure gauge not working

- Fixed missing air fresh scoop lever

- Fixed nose/main landing gear tires rotation missing under some circumstances

- Fixed APC reading

- Fixed a hole behind windshield

- Fixed a dragchute bug that prevented to work properly

- Fixed asymmetric aileron inputs

- Fixed radar range switch not working properly

- Fixed instruments lights not working properly

- Fixed parking brake auto enabling, no more park brake

- Fixed flaps bug, increased the drag at LAND position

- Fixed a shutdown bug preventing power cut under some circumstances


- Afterburner natively implemented also in physical engine model

- Engine smoke added

- Wing tips ribbon added

- Engine and flight model completely reviewed

- More liveries added

- Navigation lights implemented in 3D, steady, flash, dim e steady

- Parking brakes are automatically  set only when chocks and wing protections are present, 

  in other cases are disabled.

- Dragchute cannot be auto-dropped anymore

- Engine shutdown available with sim event "ENGINE AUTO SHUTDOWN" and FUEL SHUT OFF only

  other procedures (i.e.: THROTTLE CUT, etc. ) are not supported

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