Latest Update: 2022/05/03

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Sim update 9 introduced a code break or bug related with afterburner, fuel flow and throttle position.

This results in a fuel flow cut above 10K feet when afterburner is lighted and throttle above 99%, reducing RPM down to idle.

It affects also models that do not use the new fuel system and also even if they do not use afterburner.


- The code break or bug was partially fixed restoring an old engine model without native afterburner, this does not affect flight envelope that remains still valid as before.

It has been necessary modify both engine and flight model to achieve such result.

It has been reported that the fix does work for majority of joysticks but not all however.

Therefore issue should be considered mitigated but not fixed at 100%, as soon as ASOBO will fix above mentioned code break or bug, we will release a new version with the native afterburner restored.

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