Latest Update: 11/06/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Prepar3D Version 4.0 updates to 64bit Tech level

- New paint schemes added, 13 paint schemes total.

- Autopilot VC panel thumbwheel now animated

- Control yoke buttons and trimming knob (4) are now active functioning controls

- Odd mystery effect on top annunciator buttons is fixed

- Revamped nose structure done from photographs (side view, frontal view) to exact

- Some interior textures have been modified and improved

- Coding improvements to ambient sound systems;

- Landing gear wind noise (when down) is layered 3x per speed values

  • Ambient gyro startup sound now functions via the master battery switches and not automatically
  • Gear Down alarm is now one single burst instead of continuous burst

- Coding improvements to fuel system that keep the fuel starvation from happening when auto switching from tips to wing tanks when at 4x (plus) fast forward speeds (long trips) and also fuel dumping no longer causes this when doing a complete fuel dump on the tip tanks.

- Coding improvements on autopilot

- AP Button now on the yoke so that you can flip AP on/off during approaches in GS (APR) mode

- AP ARM light now comes on when AP system is active so you know if its on or not from front panel view

- AP 2D popup panel now features improved coding on dump switches

- Fuel 3D mapping gauge (shows a top view of Lear with tanks in blue) now features mouse rects and improved coding

- Fuel dumping 'effect' now works with both 2D panel and VC fuel panel, not just one

- Interior glass lowered in reflections to nearly zero due to popular request

- Exporting from Max done through the latest Lockheed Martin exporter technology. State of the art. V4 thru V2 models are pure V4 tech; V1 and FSX/FSX Steam are converted to FSX Tech via Lockheed Martin V1.4 exporter tech.

- Pilots shirts now matched with exterior themes

- Black instrument panel in Cargo Runner revamped and better

- Code flooding stopped with landing lights code system

- 3 Missing textures added

- Double reflection mapping entries in external and glass entries rectified and reduced to single entries

- Trimming knob on control yoke features HDG (heading) control (left/right click) and electric elevator trim control (Mouse Wheel)

- Cheater button integrated into yoke which turns on all systems needed for flight mode. Saves you time in switching on 10 different buttons and toggles throughout the panel

- Bubbles enhanced for new control interfaces

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