Latest Update: 2022/07/07

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- The product now requires that World Update 2 and World Update 10 are installed
- Compatibility with World Update 2 and World Update 10
- Some buildings replaced with WU2/WU10 buildings, mesh edited, vector data edited, many other details tweaked
 - Washington Monument model updated

v1.2 - 2022/03/16

- Brand new, high-quality Washington Monument model added, with interior and dedicated sounds
- Snow removed from the Oval Office and its occupants
- Animated, wind-dependent flags now fly over White House, Capitol and around Washington Monument
- Animated trains added on bridges across the Potomac river
- Custom Lincoln Center replaced with the Asobo version
- Custom-made car bridges added and cars drive on them correctly
- Some optimizing work, PBR materials tweaking and mesh editing done
 - Installer offers automatic Content.xml removal for full compatibility with World Update USA

v1.1 - 2021/03/10

- US President, First Lady and Vice President changed
- All included airports now have custom AFDs
- New landmarks: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, D.C. War Memorial
- New bridges: Francis Scott Key Bridge, Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge
- Custom lighting added to default bridges
- Vector data changes - more marinas visible
- Major installer code changes
 - New buildings in the Crystal City

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