Latest Update: 12/11/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Ogaryovo Heliport added (residence of the President of Russia)

- Extremely detailed model of Triumphal Arch of Moscow added

- Cathedral of Christ the Saviour reverted to the original version

- Major installer code upgrades

- Many minor fixes


- Numerous new custom-made buildings (stadiums, highrises, churches and other landmarks) around the city

- Custom-made airport ground layouts and lighting for UUWW Vnukovo and UUDD Domodedovo

- Animated jetways at UUDD Domodedovo and UUWW Vnukovo (including custom models)

- Plenty of various fixes (models, textures, heliports, meshes, vector data, installer, manual)

- Note - Moscow Landmarks MSFS will now be sold at a higher price, but for you, as our Early Customer, this update is free!

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