Latest Update: 25/07/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added whole Moscow city center with hundreds of custom-made buildings, the Business District and other landmarks

- Major optimizations of all models

- Terminal D simple interior added
- New B terminal (under construction) with ground layer edited
- All runway signs and markings changed from 7/25 to 6/24
- Third runway and new taxiways added (under construction)
- New apron lamp poles placed
- Dubrovki area modeled
- New de-icing apron added
- Concrete, asphalt and dirt textures tuned
- New apron lighting for the whole airport
- All LODs reprogrammed
- All ground vehicles optimized
- New blast fence model at stand 1A/B
- Snow layer seasonal timing fixed
- Hangar floor now lit at night
- Charts updated

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