Latest Update: 09/07/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Compatibility with the newest SODE version (fixes night lighting issue)
- New effects for better Dynamic Lighting


- P3Dv5 compatibility
- minor fixes


- a fix making vertical signs visible correctly at night
- an AFD fix for better AI handling of default ATC


- Runway start locations fixed
- Road traffic fixed
- Winter textures fixed/changed
- Ground (concrete) textures changed
- Photoreal ground textures enhanced
- A lot of texture tweaking done (including night textures)
- If Moscow City X is detected the installer will update AGN files there


- New numbers at all stands on the North side of the airport
- Terminal C demolished
- Terminal B has few active gates
- "Third" runway is now active
- Runway numbers changed as at the real airport
- AD diagram features all the changes


- SODE v1.6.2 (and higher) compatibility
- Upgraded installer


- Re-programming of seasons to match flight sim seasons

- SODE - compatibility with the newest version, all jetways edited

- All stand numbers updated on ground poly, AFD file and charts, as in the real world

- Night lighting fixes

- GSX compatibility fixes

- Autogen fixes

- Fixed terrain compatibility with Moscow City X and the default terrain

- FSW compatibility


- Mesh issues in P3Dv4 fixed

- FSX:SE and P3Dv3 compatibility added

- SODE v1.3 compatibility added

- Major optimizations of all models

- Terminal D interior added

- New B terminal (under construction) with ground layer edited

- All runway signs and markings changed from 7/25 to 6/24

- Concrete, asphalt and dirt textures tuned

- New de-icing apron added

- Third runway and new taxiways added with the whole new photoreal area NW of the original airport

- New apron lighting for the whole airport (compatible with both FSX and P3D)

- New runway lighting for P3D v2 and v3

- All buildings with transparent windows fixed

- Direction of normals fixed in all buildings (fixes the inverted shadow issue)

- All LODs reprogrammed

- All ground vehicles optimized

- New blast fence model at stand 1A/B

- Snow layer fixes

- All ground textures updated

- Custom mesh areas fixed (tunnel under railway)

- Charts updated

- Static aircraft now with speculars

- Hangar floor now lit at night

- New apron lamp poles placed

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