Latest Update: 03/08/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- KEWR AFD updated
- Better Dynamic Lighting
- Dynamic Lighting now available for P3Dv4 as well
 - New Effect files for the lighting


- P3Dv5 compatibility
- Dynamic Lighting

- SODE v1.6.2 (and higher) compatibility
- Upgraded installer


- Additional changes for full compatibility with NY Airports v2 X

- Further autogen enhancements

- Ground seasonal textures and water channel edited

- Dovetail Games Flight Sim World compatibility (experimental)


- Fully compatible with New York Airports X

- Improved compatibility with other scenery addons

- Redesigned autogen around airports  

- Ground textures fixes to address blend issue

- Less VAS usage for improved performance

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