Latest Update: 09/12/2015

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


This update includes the following changes:

- When the Three Country Corner Route was built the real station at Hard was being closed, however the OEBB have now decided that the real one will stay open so the virtual station there has now been opened.

- There was a hole in the platform at Riedenburg station. This has now been filled.

- At Blundenz there were some disobedient bushes that strayed onto the sidings. These have received a stern talking to and have now left the area.

Previous updates (included in this update):

- The Three Country Corner Route was updated at the end of November 2015 to give it ZUB operation in the Swiss section of the route which this section did not have previously. This allowed the Just Trains Railjet Advanced to use the ZUB system on this part of the route.

- Three Country Corner Route was re-launched ("version 2") at the end of July 2015 with new and improved objects, new tracks, new terrain textures, new distant terrain and new foliage.

If you own the Download version purchased from Just Trains:
Please login to your account to re-download the latest installer. You will need to uninstall the existing route before installing the new version. All new purchases of this route since 9th December 2015 are the newly updated version and do not need this update patch.

If you own the Download version purchased from Steam/Dovetail Games:
If you have purchased this route from Steam/Dovetail Games then you will receive this update via the Steam system.

If you own the Boxed version published by Just Trains:
Please download the DVD update patch (4.5 MB). All owners of the boxed version should download and install this update.

DVD owners must have the original Three Country Corner Route disc in the DVD drive (cancel the installation window when it appears, and then run the newly downloaded patch file) so as to provide the patch installer with verification of ownership.