This update addresses the following issue(s):

1) After landing on certain airports the debriefing might have rated a successful landing as
"You landed on a surface not suitable for this aircraft."
The overall flight has be rated as crash.

Fixed: The number of surfaces causing crash now is limited to
Water, Grass_bumpy, Short_grass, Long_grass, Snow, Urban, Forest, Dirt, Coral,
Sand, Wrightflyer_track

2) When missing more than three waypoints at the end of a route (i.e. due to ATC vectoring
the flight away from the last three waypoints) the "route accuracy" for the entire route
might have been zero, even if the route otherwise had been flown correctly.

Fixed: Waypoint accuracy is being calculated differently now. Missing two or three waypoints badly
will not affect the entire route as hard anymore.

3) Flight times could have been greater than 2359 hrs, causing time conversion problems and an#
error message - Fixed.

4) When creating a new profile and using "Advanced Options" to paint text in one of the real
airline liveries (BA, Iberia, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, United) the aircraft in FS may
have ended up with texture missing.

Fixed: Real airline liveries are now protected - no additional text can be applied to them.

5) When creating a new profile with imported aircraft an error message may have appeared, saying
a preview image could not be found - Fixed

6) Wrong Frequency of WILLISAU VOR in flight plans - Fixed


1. Close all open programs and applications prior to installation. Start the Airliner Pilot update 01 installer.

2. The first screen to appear will ask you to either 'Install' or 'Exit'.

3. You will then be asked to select a language to use during the installation. You may select one of the language options from the drop-down list with the mouse. Once you have done this, click the 'OK' button to continue with the installation or the 'Cancel' button to exit without installing.

4. A 'Welcome' window will appear and you can continue with the installation by clicking the 'Next' button or exit by clicking 'Cancel'.

5. The installation will now check the Windows Registry for the location of your installation of Airliner Pilot. If it is unable to find a valid entry for Airliner Pilot a warning dialogue will appear telling you to browse manually to the folder where you have installed Flight Simulator 2004.

6. You will then be asked to select the folder into which to install the product. This folder must be the valid, selected version your valid Flight Simulator program folder in which Airliner Pilot is installed.
Normally you will find the path box already filled in with the correct folder name, but if you received a warning at step 5 then this box will be blank. You will need to click the 'Browse' button and choose the correct location of your Flight Simulator program folder.
The default path for Flight Simulator 2004 is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9. This path will be correct unless you specified another location when you installed FS2004.

7. When you are satisfied that the path shown is correct, click 'Next'. The update will install.

8. Once the Installation is complete you will see a confirmation window. Click the 'Finish' button to exit the install program and return to Windows. The install is complete.