Latest Update: 13/01/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixes non-operating tilt on all the models that have the new air dam and the Virgin Trains older livery unit

- Fixes the scenario: JT AD Voyager – Summer Saturday Service which used to fail due to an AI locomotive issue

v1.5 - 29/11/2019

Fixes were made to the below named scenarios to address a numbering issue on the driving end cars:

  • JT 222 - Ailing Meridian
  • JT 222 - At The Double 
  • JT 222 - Complete Failure
  • JT 222 - Engineering Woes
  • JT 222 - Morning Meridian 
  • JT 222 - Rush Hour Hell
  • JT 222 - Sunday Sundown
  • JT 222 - The Launch Special


- Fix to scenario JT AD Voyager - 1D91 London Euston - Holyhead to allow you to uncouple at Chester without failing the scenario.

- Minor adjustments to the Virgin Trains "Flowing Silk" Livery.

- Fix to Power Brake Controller. This Fixes the Braking simulation to now give mini notches.


- Updated to Train Simulator 2019 by Rob Skipworth, Voyager Advanced 2019 has updated external textures and upscaled cab interior textures. 

- Added are the current style of body air dams and side skirts along with an improved braking performance and notched power and brake controller. 

- Two new liveries are included, Virgin Trains “Flowing Silk” (221101 “101 Squadron”) and the mid-2000’s Virgin Trains Red with Cross Country logo, and as an added bonus, a brand new scenario for the North Wales Coastal: Crewe – Llandudno Route Add-on with Train Simulator: North Wales Coastal Route Extension Add-on. Note no routes are included with Voyager Advanced 2019 and some may need to be owned or purchased to run all the included scenarios.

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