The 146 includes pilot and cabin announcements. These will be automatically triggered at the appropriate time based on various events such as altitude, airspeed and aircraft state. They can also be triggered manually via the EFB aircraft screen.

The announcements are enabled by default but can be disabled via the EFB configuration menu.


Call-outs during take-off:

  • "TMS set to XX (if on)"
  • "Power set, flex/N1 achieved"
  • "Speed alive, both sides"
  • "80 knots, cross-checked"
  • "V1, Rotate, V2"
  • "Positive rate of climb, gear up"


Call-outs during climb:

  • "V2 + 10, safe height speed, flap 18"
  • "VFTO, safe height speed, flaps up"


Call-outs during approach:

  • "Localiser armed, captured"
  • "Glideslope alive, one dot to go"
  • "Glideslope armed, captured"
  • "Established on ILS"
  • "Speed checked below 205, select gear down"
  • "Speed checked below 205, flap 18"
  • "Speed checked below 180, flap 24"
  • "Speed checked below 170, flap 30"
  • "Speed checked below 145, flap 33"
  • "Autopilot disconnected"


Call-outs during landing roll:

  • "Ground idle"
  • "Yellow & green spoilers"
  • "Brake pressures seen"
  • "80 knots"
  • "60 knots"


Cabin announcements:

Flight crew to cabin crew:

  • "Cabin crew, please take your seats for takeoff." (triggered by pressing CAB CALL button on overhead panel)
  • "Cabin crew, please take your seats for landing." (triggered by pressing CAB CALL button on overhead panel)


Cabin crew to flight crew: 

  • "Cabin secure." (‘cabin secure for takeoff/landing’ indicator on centre console will be automatically set depending on stage of flight)


Cabin crew to passengers: 

  • "Ladies and gentleman, the cabin crew have been released to begin their service but please note that the seatbelt signs are still on." (triggered by pressing CAB CALL button on overhead panel)
  • "Ladies and gentleman, the seatbelt signs have been switched off. You are free to move about the cabin."
  • "Ladies and gentleman, the seatbelt signs have been switched on. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts."


Cabin crew to cabin crew: 

  • "Cabin crew, doors to manual and cross-check."
  • "Cabin crew, arm doors and cross-check."


  • Takeoff phase: Strobe and landing lights on, thrust levers greater than 40%
  • Climb phase: Gear retracted, above 50ft AGL, vertical speed greater than 500ft/min
  • Cruise phase: Flaps retracted, aircraft in level flight
  • Approach phase: Airspeed below 250 KIAS, below 6000ft AGL, vertical speed less than -300ft/min
  • Landing phase: Touched down, ground speed greater than 50 knots
  • Reset flight: On ground, ground speed less than 30 knots

Note that each stage is reliant on the previous stage being complete first. It's very hard to make triggers that cover every eventuality, for example you could confuse the callouts by levelling off below 6000ft AGL in the climb, then descending for a period at less than 250 KIAS before resuming a climb to the cruise. That would be an unusual flight pattern though.