The tablet EFB allows you to:

  • Control the doors and stairs
  • Toggle ground power
  • Set the fuel load in the wing and centre tanks
  • Set the cargo load in the forward, aft and fuselage cargo holds
  • Set the passenger load
  • Check the ZFW, total fuel weight, empty and gross weight
  • Trigger pilot and cabin announcements

Fuel and cargo load values can be increased or decreased using the plus/minus buttons. Clicking on the value field will zero it (i.e. empty the tank/cargo hold).

Units of measure can be toggled between KGs and LBs.

The tablet can be hidden by clicking the physical home button and shown again by clicking the mount base. Pitch and rotation can also be adjusted, allowing you to configure the viewing angle. 

It is also possible to switch to AviTab if you have that plugin installed.