Latest Update: 2022/03/09

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Eliminated a bug in all aircraft to avoid FPS drop, when hitting gras or dirt. Visual effects work correctly now.

- Eliminated the problem after Sim Update 7 with the Throttle not working on many HOTAS Hardware Systems.

- Reworked all interior and exterior lighting of all aircraft.

- Reworked the "Rufe" aircraft for problems with water take off and landings after the latest Sim Updates.

- The important Navy Dive Bomber Aircraft Aichi D3A "Val" was added, an aircraft which saw action in the attack on Pearl Harbour and throughout the whole War in the Pacific.

- With this third aircraft the "TRIO INFERNAL" of the Imperial Japanese Navy, "Zero", "Kate" and "Val" is complete now.

- The installation is easy: 

  Only one pack for all aircraft and objects and scenery. 

  Before installing the new pack Version 3.0, just remove the single components of Version 1.0 from your "Community" folder, 

  if you didn't do so already for Version 2.0.

- Added an addendum to the included handbook to reflect the changes and additions with many pictures.

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