Latest Update: 2022/01/21

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- All windshield Materials reworked to eliminate flickering

- New propeller disks for slow and blur. 

- Reworked the "Rufe" aircraft for problems with water take off and landings after the latest Sim Updates.

- Changed the lower/raise "Tailhook" Handling in A5M5 "Zero" from front visor to the real lever next to the Gear lever.

- Integrated PBR Materials.

- Liveries A6M "Zero" Museum + Navy and "Rufe" Navy with higher metallic values.

- The important Torpedo Aircraft Nakajima B5N2 "Kate". was added, an aircraft which saw action in the attack on Pearl Harbour.

  It has functional folding wings and five selectable weapons.

- New Aircraft Carrier "Shinano" of the Imperial Japanese Navy with animated elevator and functional net barrier.

- Reworked the scenery RJX8 "Suwanose Jima" to place the carrier and many other new objects.

- New Japanese light tank Type4 Ke Nu placed in the scenery.

- New Japanese Truck Type 94 with open and closed doors integrated and placed.

- New Japanese staff car Type95 Kurogane with open and closed doors integrated and placed.

- New texturing of the Japanese soldiers and sailors.

- The installation is now easier: 

  Only one pack for all aircraft and objects. Before installing the new pack, just remove the single components of Version 1.0 from your "Community" folder.

- Added an addendum to the included handbook to reflect the changes and additions with many pictures.

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