Microsoft Flight Simulator is very much a work in progress and some updates have caused irregularities with some of this scenery’s features. 

As things progress, we will update and patch the scenery, but at the time of release the following problems can occur: 

No jetways or VGDS visible 

This can happen at any airport within the simulator. To rectify the problem, the first step is to try and reload the flight. If that doesn’t help, reload the flight and under the ‘Flight Conditions’ menu select ‘Air Traffic’ to OFF. After this the gates should appear. If you wish, you can then reload the flight again with traffic. The gates will remain visible. 

Gates 22, 20 and 18 in this scenery show abnormal behaviour. When loading a flight at those gates, Microsoft Flight Simulator will only display those three gates but none of the others. 

VGDS not visible when arriving at the gate 

On rare occasions when arriving at the gate assigned by ATC, the VGDS may not spawn. The workaround for this is as follows: 

1. Go to General Options > Traffic. 

2. Toggle the ‘Airport vehicle density’ slider to any value and apply. 

3. Toggle the ‘Airport vehicle density’ slider back to 100% and apply. 

4. Exit the menu and resume. 

The VGDS should now be visible. Please note that these are limitations caused by the sim itself! We have contacted Asobo about them and are waiting for an update to fix these issues.