Latest Update: 22/02/2011

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- The airspeed indicator now displays in knots rather than MPH

- The radio altimeter has been modified to more realistically reflect the real unit (within FS limitations)

- A marker beacon light gauge (OMI) has been included to assist with low visibility ILS landings

- AH have reshaped the tail-cone following customer feedback

- A new radio compass has been included

- Capital Airlines livery issue fixed

- New sound-set from Sonic Solutions

- Engine feather text fixed

- Cylinder head temperature gauge fixed

- Sperry autopilot redesigned to improve ease of use

- Engine primer switches can now be operated independently

- Cowl flap controls removed from Wright engine variants

- ‘Trim-control’ viewpoint fixed

- DX-10 textures issues with DC-3 Cargo and DC-3 P&W variants have been fixed

- Removes idle engine sounds heard when in-flight

This update includes the previously available sound pack.

This update can be used by users of the DVD and Download versions of the DC-3, and also updates the DC-3 Expansion Pack (if applicable).